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I have been in quite the shopping mood lately.  Beautiful boots are my weakness (seriously, they're my crack) but big cozy sweaters have been catching my eyes, too.  It would be totally irresponsible of me to go on a big shopping spree right now and seeing as how I'm in that decade where a "3" is at the beginning of my age, I have to at least pretend to be a responsible adult sometimes.  So, instead, I decided to link up with {av} from Long Distance Loving this week for another Friday's Fancies.  It's been a while since I've done one of these but when the shopping bug takes a chomp, you gotta scratch that itch somehow.

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This week's theme is City Style.  San Francisco's style is all over the place.  On any given street corner you'll find hipsters, preppies, chic fashionistas, techies in hoodies and jeans, old hippies that haven't left the city since 1971, and a little bit of ghetto fab mixed in just to keep it interesting.  The city is all about personal expression and individualism so my City Style is really just my style.  Thanks to our many microclimates, layers are key in the city since there is often a 5 to 10 degree difference between neighborhoods.  A big comfy sweater with a loose-but-flattering slub tee underneath are the perfect pairing.  Add some sexy skinnies with lots of stretch and boots with a low heel and you're all set for tackling any one of the city's seven hills.  Unique but understated jewelry and a lovely handbag (filled with snacks, a scarf, a book, and an iPhone probably) will get me through a day of errands, an afternoon coffee date, or a Saturday afternoon at the park.  And after explaining how awesome this outfit is, I now want to buy it all.  Lotta good that did for my shopping itch...

So tell me, what's your city's (or town's) personal style?  Are you itching for a shopping spree, too?

Happy weekend!




  1. I love everything on your list! I recently got those Penny boots, I love them!

  2. Im always in the mood to shop in fall time- I think it's because all the cute winter stuff is coming out like who doesn't need boots? :) I adore that sweater.

  3. Love this outfit - it looks so comfortable and cozy - which are my two top priorities in fashion November - March!

    hess | Quaintrelle

  4. Ooh, I like the boots! I've been trying to find a pair of brown ones too, but the ones I saw that I like the most are too narrow in the calves for me. Boooo. :/

  5. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, San Francisco is the one city I have always aspired to live (even if for a few years.) Your style is so parallel to mine (I have a sweater almost identical to that one!) I love how you described the various types of people within SF, it makes me want to live there even more xo

  6. Dallas likes to glam it up - big hair and big everything else! But we're totally loving our boots right around now as well... speaking of which, I think I need a new pair

  7. I think I *always* need a new pair ;)

  8. The narrow calf thing is definitely my biggest 'boots pet peeve.' :)

  9. Oh, good to know you love them! I'm seriously considering the purchase but I can't choose between brown or black. Decisions, decisions... ;)


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