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The Painted Ladies - from the opening scene of Full House!


1. I watched 3 Hallmark movies in a row Monday. That's 6 hours of holiday-themed cheesy romantic made-for-tv movies.  I was editing a wedding, and usually I listen to music when I edit, but for some reason those dang fake-tears-and-bad-shmacting movies were just calling to me.  Sometimes you just need to indulge in overly sentimental crap to feel like it's truly holiday season.

2. As I was waiting for my bus the other day, I caught a familiar whiff of San Francisco's most popular herb.  I turned to my left to see a young lady with a freshly lit fatty joint, just puffing away while waiting for the bus.  Oh, and did I mention it was 10AM!?  I'm generally not one to judge but you'd think, at the very least, she'd want to avoid the munchies so close to lunch time.

3. Later that very same joint-at-the-bus-stop day,  I was running errands downtown when I walked past a young man with dirty khakis and no shirt.  Not a rare sighting in SF.  What was rare, was that this particular man, at 1 in the afternoon, was lighting up a crack pipe on the sidewalk.  Now, having never smoked a crack pipe myself, I can't be 100% sure that's what it was but from what I've seen on TV, I'm about 99% sure.  Plus, there was a faint, foul odor emanating from his pipe that definitely was not the scent of SF most popular herb...

4. I've also been watching old reruns of Full House at night while The Husband does the dishes after dinner (I cook, he does the dishes - it's a pretty good deal).  Considering I first fell in love with SF watching Full House as a child, this isn't necessarily awkward.  What's awkward is the bad late 80s/early 90s fashion & hair and the uber cheesy story lines.  Uncle Jesse is still pretty hot, though, so that sorta makes up for it ... except his awkward mullet.


1.  Fall has finally made its way to San Francisco!  San Francisco's weather patterns do not follow the normal trends of the rest of North America.  We have cold, gray summers (as in, 60s in July...) and our warmest months tend to be end of September to beginning of November, when most of the country is cooling off.  So for the last few weeks I've been gazing jealously at all your lovely photos of fall and boots and scarves and sweaters while dealing with full sun and 75+ degrees in November.  Finally, finally, it's been cool enough to break out the boots and add a scarf to my outfits and this makes me a very happy camper.

2. Date night with Mish!  We were lovin' life last night with tacos in the Mission and a few glasses of cheap happy hour wine.  I thought we'd hang out for about an hour or so.... nope.  We spent a good THREE hours just hanging out and chatting.  Of course, we were both bad bloggers and didn't take any photos so you'll just have to take my word that the awesomeness did, indeed, happen.

3. The Husband and family have been so incredibly supportive of my new gluten-free dietary restrictions.  Not too long ago, he happily joined me in gathering up all our gluten-filled pastas, all-purpose flour, and everything else with gluten in our apartment for us to give to family members who can eat gluten.  Except for his beloved baguette, our kitchen is now completely gluten free.  Our sweet 86-year old next door neighbor/great-aunt also bought gluten-free brownie and gluten-free biscuit mix when she was at the store recently because she thought I might like to try it.  It doesn't get much more awesome than that. :)

4. We finally finished planning our honeymoon!!  Whoop whoop!!  We're super excited to explore Argentina in the near future but I'm purposely being vague with when we're going because I've seen this commercial and I don't want to attract burglars.  Don't worry, though - when it happens, I will definitely take a ton of photos and share many/most of them with all of you.

So tell me, what was awkward or awesome for you this week?





  1. Laura @ happilyeverparkerNovember 14, 2013 at 2:03 PM

    Uncle Jesse is still so hot! I swear working in SF nothing surprises me anymore!

  2. Aw... this post and that photo definitely make me miss home! :) Not so much the herbal surprise you are talking about though.

  3. How incredibly sweet of all your friends / neighbors and your GF endeavor. I have another good GF lentil recipe. Let me know if you're interested!

  4. Uncle Jessie is the best! Mullet or not!

  5. This is funny because I posted an awkward/awesome post of my own on Friday. Basically I had a few awkward moments this week. One was calling someone at work in the pacific time zone, so it was 7 in the morning her time. Oops!

  6. oh people of SF. Is it kind of sad that Im not really phased by seeing people openly do drugs on the street? So sweet your hubby and neighbor are about gluten free. you're a lucky lady! Have fun in Argentina!! i bet it will be amazing!

  7. The time zone thing always throws me off. But I have the opposite problem - I tend to call people on the east coast either in the middle of dinner or when they're getting ready for bed!


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