Awkward & Awesome | Wedding Photographer Edition

rustic chic farm wedding

- I'm very good at taking precautions on the wedding day to avoid any traumas.  For example, I don't usually wear lipstick because I'm totally the girl who would get red lipstick all over the bride's dress while carrying it to the perfect photo spot.  Well, while taking lovely photos of the most beautiful white/cream/ivory bridesmaids bouquets recently, a random gust of wind blew the vases over, knocking the pretty flowers into the mud and splattering grossness all over the delicate bouquets!  We wiped them gently with tissues but the damage had been done.  If only I could control the wind...

- Or how about walking to what I thought was the "perfect!" spot for photos at a farm venue, only to find myself and my skimpy flats ankle-deep in what I hope was just mud?  You really just have to laugh at that point ... and hope you don't smell like poo for the rest of the night.

rustic chic farm wedding modesto

- I especially love the groomsmen who get a little too wastey-face at the wedding.  It always makes for interesting toasts and a very entertaining dance party.  But sometimes it goes a little too far, like the time one drunk groomsman got down on one knee and proposed to me during formal photos.  Then again during dinner.  Then followed it up at the end of the night with, "Are you gonna marry me or what?"  Um, I'm married already, dude.  And this isn't Utah... (please don't be offended Utah folks, it's just a fact.)

- Oh, hi Wedding Guest!  What's that?  You want to take some photos of the wedding with your iPad?  Okay, no problem.  Wait, you want to shove your iPad in front of my camera during the ceremony right when the kiss is about to happen?  Okay, but you might get punched in the face.

- Sometimes the wedding party needs a little booze to loosen them up before photos, and sometimes every member of the wedding party needs their own bottle of champagne.  That's cool.  Except for when they accidentally leave it sitting right beside my foot during photos.  They clearly don't know just how clumsy I truly am ... until I knock the whole bottle over onto my own camera bag.  Whoops.

wedding portraits at brandeis

- My job is focused on creating the first heirloom for a brand new family that their kids and grandkids will cherish decades down the road.  The photos I make have the potential to carry that couple back in time and let them relive their wedding day -and all the joy and love that goes with it- any time they wish.  It doesn't get much more awesome than that.

- About half way through my first season of shooting, I decided to start carrying a little "wedding day emergency kit" in my camera bag - Tide bleach pens, tissues, mouth wash, safety pins, bobby pins, hand sanitizer, band-aids, and a few other little extras are stuffed lovingly into a small side pocket of my bag.  And every time a bride/bridesmaid/family member/etc needs one of those items, I feel like a super hero saving the day.  You spilled a little wine on your dress before heading out for the first look?  Have no fear!  Super Stephanie is here to save the day with a bleach pen!  Those awesome heels are giving you a blister by the end of the ceremony?  How will you ever be able to dance the night away?  I know - Super Stephanie's band-aids will save the day!

- Believe it or not, I actually get a pretty awesome work out at weddings.  I wore a pedometer to one recently just for fun and, by the end of 8 hours of shooting, I'd "walked" almost 7 miles!  Not to mention all the lunges and squats and other random positions I find myself in just to get a good shot.  It's no wonder I'm usually crazy sore the day after a wedding.

mountain wedding portrait photography

- Nothing really beats getting a huge bear hug from a bride at the end of a long, hectic wedding day while she professes her lover for me and her overwhelming excitement at seeing the final photos.  Well, you know what?  I love you, too!  All of you.  Seriously, my clients are the best. :)

PS - No, I do not wear the same thing to every wedding, but that red dress is my go-to on 95-degree days so you can guess how hot it was for those two weddings above! 

PPS - Thanks to my second shooters, Cristal, Mindy, and Adrienne, for all the action shots!





  1. That stretch was one of my faves! Girl got moves!

    1. Thanks Mindy! My iPad yoga app has some practical uses, apparently. :)

  2. I could definitely see how much of a workout you'd be getting at a wedding -- whew! I was second shooter for a ceremony and reception years ago and was exhausted by the end of it. Just exhausted. You go, awesome lady!

  3. What an incredible job you have! I just got a "fancy camera" for my birthday and it's my new favorite hobby. Every time I pick it up I learn something new!

  4. amazing! And I'm with Mindy - I love that stretch!

  5. I love the bride's silver/grey dress in the second to bottom photo! Beautiful!

    Too funny about drunk proposals from groomsmen, that would be pretty embarrassing. :P

  6. Love all the little moments of your wonderful wedding moments, both awkward and awesome, and those action shots, wow, just great seeing those

  7. Stephanie, you are the cutest at taking pictures. I would say come and shoot my wedding but that's not happening anytime soon so maybe I'll have to find another occasion :)


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