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Ah, it’s that time of year again.  The days are just a little bit shorter, the breeze is just a little bit cooler, and kids everywhere are (mostly) excited to head back to school.  I was definitely one of those kids who counted down the last days of summer, anxiously awaiting the first day of school.  I’d lay out my school uniform, polish my shoes, and pack my backpack the night before.  Everything was exciting and new - new teachers, new classmates, new friends, new learning material.  It was awesome and I loved every bit of it.

It’s also that time of year when all those lovely, happy memories get preserved in the annual school photo.  Picture Day was especially exciting for me because, as a private school kid, it was one of only a handful of days each year we got to wear whatever we wanted.  I think the monotony & predictability of wearing a school uniform every day completely impeded my developing fashion sense, though.  Unless you think vests, super short hair cuts, and floppy denim hats are fashionable.  If you do, I question your sanity.

I miss those exciting back-to-school days and after a total of 20 years in school I can’t help but feel “left out” this time of year.  Between regular school, college, and law school that’s about 2/3 of my life’s worth of Fall spent in back-to-school mode!  Since I can't join in the school fun this year, let’s instead relive the glory days with a trip down memory lane….or a stumble through horrible school photos.  Same thing.
* * * * * * * *

4th Grade.  Oh, hey there, 40-year old soccer mom hair cut.  The solution to my frizzed out Dolly Parton perm was an awesome look for a 9-year old.

Hair still looks like crap in 5th grade so let's throw on a t-shirt with attached faux-denim vest and call it photo-worthy.  It's a good look, right?  No?  Oh....

Where were the fashion bloggers when I was in 6th grade???  The pre-attached faux denim vest with lace and pearls and pink satin flowers (totally my style... NOT!) just wasn't taking it far enough so, in 6th grade, a real vest made from what appears to be real grandma curtains was the option of choice.  With a broach at the collar.  Because every 11-year old needs a broach in her wardrobe, right?  Oh well.  At least my hair was finally growing out.  This is also the photo some loving friends have referred to as the "Before" version of Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries.  Thanks for that one.

I can't leave my sister out of the photo fun.  She didn't have to deal with an unfortunate hair situation (until she tried to cut it all off herself...) but her first year in Kindergarten is forever immortalized in a Beauty & the Beast t-shirt and paint-splattered jeans.  Nothing says 1992 like painted jeans and Disney tees.

Speaking of the '90s, we can't forget that horrible time in 7th grade when my mom forced my sister and me to take back-to-school photos in matching Blossom hats.  Love you, too, Mom.

Do you have any embarrassing back to school photos, too?  Tell me about your faves!

PS - I'll be answering reader questions in tomorrow's post so if there's anything you'd like to know, just ask me!





  1. Seriously thought there was a mouse on your head but I guess it's just a tear in the photo? These are cute.

  2. Oh, these are so great -- and so very '90s! I can relate to each (and have such similar ones in my own arsenal). My favorite back-to-school picture was taken in fourth grade, when I decided spur-of-the-moment to put my hair in some kind of a topknot thing just before my picture was snapped. I had no fashion sense and, at 9, lacked any discernible talent for styling my hair... especially on the fly, as I was growing my bangs out. It was a hot. mess. of bumps and nonsense, but my parents were too nice to say anything!

  3. I didn't find your photos as bad as you make them sound; I have so many horrible ones, I doubt anybody else's will match up to those -_- In some old photos, I look like a BOY! ...I sometimes used to get mistaken for one in real life too. Mmm....yeah.

  4. Here's a creeper worthy comment - these pictures just made me noticed what big, expressive eyes you have!

  5. You and I totally had the same hairstyle back in 4th grade - I kid you not

  6. You look cute in your school photos! I went to a Catholic school and we had to wear our uniforms on photo days. All was cute until I went through a nine year puppy fat phase, which with my horn-rimmed glasses was not a good look. It's nice to look back ten years later and laugh at the memories though :)


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