Web Love & A Molly Update

Good news!  We got Molly's lab results back and the tumor was benign.  Yay!!!  We'll have to do a follow up abdominal ultrasound to make sure there are no others but the vet said not to worry.  The most she'll need is to be spayed and it may not even be necessary.  The swelling has gone down and her energy and appetite are back to normal, so she's down to just one medicine now (the antibiotic).  After all that happened this week, Molly and I (mostly I) decided that she & Gia are going to beat the current world record for longest living guinea pig (14 years, 10.5 months).  It's good to have goals, even if you're a guinea pig. :)

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And now, time for some Saturday web love!  JK Rowling and Harry Potter both celebrated their birthdays this week.  I realize only one of them is actually a real-life person but I think Harry's birthday should be noted, too, especially since he's lived a full life even after the series ended.

Also, this confirms why I love Hermione so much . . . because I am Hermione.

In non-HP news, these portraits of the elderly as they once were are pretty amazing.  The last one is especially touching.

And I wish I could forward this to everyone in my life that has told me to speak up or not be "so shy."  I'm not shy, jerk, I'm just an introvert and you're draining all my energy!

Hipster logo design 101 kinda cracked me up.  I have to admit, I like the hipster logos, though!

With a new niece or nephew on the way, I can't help ogling all the cute gender-neutral baby stuff on Little Hip Squeaks.

And, finally, the best version of Blurred Lines I've seen so far.  Who needs naked women in high heels when you've got classroom instruments and Jimmy Fallon?

Thanks again for all your positivity, prayers, and well wishes for Molly and our little family this week.  I can't help but believe all that positive energy coming her way is the reason for her speedy recovery so, thank you.  ♥





  1. haha that version of "Blurred Lines" is definitely the best one so far! I love Jimmy Fallon - I feel like it must be so much fun to be a guest on his show.

  2. I am so glad the tumor was benign! Y'all were definitely in my thoughts and prayers. The hipster logo design made me want one! That's just pathetic. Hah!

    Joell B.


  3. I'm so glad she is ok!! What a relief. Makes for a much better weekend.

  4. I'm glad she's ok! It must be a HUGE relief for you.

    I didn't really like the last chapter of the last HP book. But I reckon J.K.Rowling did that so no one else could come up with other endings, or for a sense of closure for the readers...? I also didn't like that (almost) everyone married their high school / Hogwarts sweethearts.

    Those portraits are beautiful. Makes one realize that everyone was once young, and that everyone will get old!

  5. I'm glad Molly is ok! Gotta keep your pets healthy for as long as possible! I have to admit, the Harry Potter life after Hogwarts got me all teary eyed, specially the fact that Harry and Dudley kept in touch for their kids. So many feels!!

  6. I am so glad Molly is on the road to health again and that there wasn't anything too serious to worry about! I have a Molly in my house too, though she is a malamute and slightly larger than your little gorgeous girl :)
    The portraits of the elderly by Tom Hussey are beautiful. I must admit I did get a bit choked up looking at them with my Mum. My boyfriend's grandmother is now 93 and it is amazing to hear stories about her as a younger woman, and imagine her as she was in those days.

  7. I'm glad she's ok! Such a scary thing to have happen to her! :O

  8. SO glad your little nugget is okay! :) hope you have a lovely weekend, lady!

  9. i'm so glad she's ok! hopefully the recovery continues to go smoothly.

  10. Oh good! i"m so glad she's going to be ok. I just love Molly =)


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