These Little Piggies

Molly has been recovering wonderfully since her surgery.  It's like she has a whole new lease on life.  Her youthful guinea pig behaviors are starting to show again --popcorning, running around like a fool-- and she seems to just be enjoying life in general.

Watching her and Gia interact is even cuter than before, too.  Now that Molly has her energy back, she can actually keep up!  We're starting to notice the personality differences between the two, too.  A few of those differences came out when I had them pose for a little photo sesh over the weekend.  

1 // Gia practically idolizes Molly, while Molly will headbutt Gia out of her way just to get to a blueberry.

2 // Gia hates being held and would never let me put a hat on her, much less pose like a pro for the photos.  Molly, on the other hand, is more camera-hungry than a Kardashian.

(I swear it looks like she's smiling here...)

3 // Gia freaked out at the first sign of pig-arazzi (aka me and my camera) and bolted off the pillow within 3 seconds.  What does Molly do?  She fully embraced the title of Most Spoiled Guinea Pig Ever and posed like a perfect little princess when she saw the camera.

Watching these two interact is almost better than reality tv.  Almost(I mean, have you seen RHONJ?  That stuff's hard to beat.)  They crack me up on the daily.  It's such a relief knowing they're both healthy and happy now.  I'm pretty sure we can expect quite a few more years of piggy entertainment from them!





  1. So cute!! Little squeakers. I miss my piggie.

    --Undecided Answer

  2. Molly is such a prima donna, posing for the camera, getting to the food first, enjoying being the centre of attention - welcome back! :-) Love those pics, too cute <3 xo

  3. haha so cute! glad molly is getting back to her old self!

  4. Lol...aaaalmost reality TV. I treat my cats the same way. I love Molly's "Party Posse" hat. Do those come in human size?

  5. I am so glad that Miss Molly is feeling better and being her old queenly self

  6. Molly is hilarious! Love the fact that she is TOTALLY posing! And that hat is superrr cute!! Hope you buy them some bows next!



    Janette Lane Blog

  7. I'm so glad Molly's fine again! I was just catching up on blog reading, and this is the best thing I saw today :) Those two are adorable, and look real cheeky!

  8. lol - more camera hungry than a kardashian - laughed so hard!


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