If we don't change, we don't grow.

it we don't change we don't grow if we don't grow we aren't really living

 You may have noticed things look a little different around here.  Probably the most obvious (and most confusing) change is the new title.  Big Mario Life is now known as Twentieth Street.

It was time.  It's a change I've been contemplating for a while now.  My life has changed and evolved and the blog has evolved as well.  It was time to acknowledge that with a proper change in title.  And with Fall just around the corner -with its colorful leaves and kids back-to-schooling and hope for what lies ahead feeling just as fresh as that chill in the air- what better time of year to welcome such a change?

When I first started this blog, I was still a law student.  Studying at that level, competing at that level, pushing and striving at that level takes its toll after a while.  I was fully immersed in academia.  I felt like I was losing part of who I was only to replace it with who I thought I should be.  Like I mentioned in my old About section, my case books had become horcruxes for my splintered soul.  I needed a place where I could indulge in all the other things that kept me balanced.  The things that kept me feeling like, well, me.  That’s how Big Mario Life began and that’s what Big Mario Life continued to be while working in the big firm world.

But things are different now.  I'm not a law student anymore and I don't work in the legal field.  I work for myself, for my clients.  I no longer feel I’m chasing balance.  I’m not looking for a distraction from unsatisfying work.  I don’t need an escape.  I love what I do and the satisfaction of feeling like I’m contributing positively to the world, even if it’s only by documenting the little moments and things we might otherwise miss, is something worth celebrating.  The blog is no longer just an outlet or something on the side.  It’s grown into so much more than that for me and changing the name is an outward reflection of that growth.

Don’t worry, the Big Mario Life philosophy is still alive and well.  In fact, without it I probably wouldn’t have come to this conclusion.  But my life -and this blog- is about much more than that and the new name, Twentieth Street, represents all of it so sweetly for me.  Twentieth Street is where we have our first little apartment together.  We've celebrated our engagement, planned our wedding, added to our fur family, started our businesses, and just overall enjoy the life we've made for ourselves, all here on Twentieth Street.

And just as life changes, the blog changes with it.  Just a little, here and there.  I’ll still share lots of photos and recipes, Molly and Gia will no doubt demand screen time, and the San Francisco craziness and small business stresses will always be around.  But there are a few new things in store as well -wedding planning tips, photography tutorials, and some other ramblings and thoughts that will finally find their home here on Twentieth Street.

I hope you stick around and enjoy the changes!  You, my dear readers, have been a big part of the growth and I want to make sure Twentieth Street is an awesome place for all of us. :)





  1. I love the new design! It's beautiful and seems like the perfect fit for you, and a reflection of your style! Love the title too! Excited for what's to come on Twentieth Street!

  2. love the new design and name - lovely!

  3. haha, I got SO confused seeing Twentieth Street pop up in my reader! like, what is this random blog and when did I start following it?

    I really like the new design! it's nice and simple without approaching boring. those Maiedae girls always do beautiful work, if you ask me. and I'm excited for this new direction you've worked out for your blog!

  4. It's looking really good Stephanie and can't wait to see the new things you do with your business and blog

  5. I don't care what your blog is called, I like coming here because I like your writing and your photography. And of course Molly!!! :-) You are right though, change that reflects our life is a good thing and your blog looks fantastic now. xo

  6. loving the changes, Stephanie!

    And I especially love hearing you say that you're no longer chasing balance. I hope that I get there one day :)

  7. Looking lovely around here, and I love the new title! Fall definitely feels like the perfect time to make changes and keep pushing forward. And as I'll be getting married in the fall, it absolutely feels that way for me, too. :)

  8. Well of course I love it - design and title! It's a nice balance of emotion and practicality.

  9. I met you during your former life as a law student and I've watched you change from a distance through your blog. It's a wonderful, admirable change. I love the new title. The reasoning behind the new title tugs my heart strings! Thanks for the inspiration, Stephanie!

  10. I love it! It makes sense to update things every once in a while. I love the new name you chose and I'm looking forward to seeing where this blog will go :)

  11. congrats on the change! I was so confused when I saw the name in my reader feed, but it was a pleasant surprise. good for you! look forward to more posts :)

  12. Love the new name and design. It's beautiful. I recently bought my domain and have been in the process of re-branding it. It can be a lot of fun evolving your blog as we all evolve in life. Best of luck!

  13. I love it! The new name is great, and the design is gorgeous!

  14. I was confused when I saw "Twentieth Street" in my feeds...I didn't know when I'd started following a blog named so! Love the new look, and the story :) True - we grow, we change. Some day, I might not identify as much with my blog's name any more, and might want to change it too. That day isn't close yet, though!


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