Holy Crap Our Wedding Is Only One Month Away

So in honor of the upcoming nuptials, I thought I'd share our engagement photos with you!  Our wedding photographer, Jeff Marsh, is based out of Seattle but also shoots around San Francisco.  The Fiance left the photography choice completely up to me and I feel so lucky to have found Jeff.  His style is one that I admire - offering new perspectives, different angles, and interesting uses of light in all of his work.  He also shoots gorgeous and intriguing portraits that provide a sense of the surrounding space and emphasize the environment in which he's shooting, which was a huge deal for me for our wedding photos.  I do not particularly like myself in photos and I wanted a photographer who could create photos so beautiful in their own right that I didn't care what I actually looked like in them.  Jeff did just that for our engagement session.

Earlier this year, Jeff was in town for the weekend for a shoot with another client so we scheduled an early morning just-short-of-sunrise photo session at Baker Beach before he flew back home.  I've done a lot of engagement sessions myself at Baker Beach so I wanted things to be different for ours.  There's this gorgeous wooded grove on the cliff above the beach but because of the sun's path, the lighting is pretty dull and crappy when shooting there near sunset.  But early in the morning, just after of sunrise, it's perfection.  I knew Jeff could make some magic with that gorgeous warm lighting.  He definitely did not let us down!  Jeff was fantastic to work with and we're super excited to spend our wedding day with him in just one month.

All photos shot by Jeff Marsh of Jeff Marsh Studios.




  1. gorgeous photos! Jeff did a great job. I especially love the one with your footprints on the beach and you guys out of focus in the back - that framing is so creative!

  2. these are so beautiful!! and I can't believe that your wedding is so soon! wow!

  3. So lovely. Love the sense of space, as you mention, and the overall vibe of the collection: serene, peaceful, stunning. And one month?! Holy cow, time has flown! We're just shy of three months ourselves and getting into "crunch time." Eek!

  4. These photos are so lovely and beautiful. The light, the location and of course you two, just perfect. Even though I'm thousands of miles away, I'm looking forward to your wedding and of course the photos :-) xo

  5. Beautiful! I love the bridge in the background. So SF. :) This is the exciting part- one month to go!

  6. These are all such beautiful photos, but there is something about the very last one that seems to say: "Finally." It's like a perfect way to end a day and a post about a wedding countdown.

    Love it. :)

  7. I love the beach ones so much! They're gorgeous. Congratulations! It will be here before you know it!

  8. My goodness it's coming up quick! You both look wonderful and your photographer did a beautiful job

  9. Beautiful photos, a great time of day to shoot them.

    Congratulations to you both, we have just got engaged and I'm so excited. :-)

  10. You are gorgeous friend! You just have this air of class and grace and sophistication! Love all these captures!



    Janette Lane Blog

  11. seriously stunning photos! your fiancee did the right thing by leaving the choice up to you. can't wait to see your wedding photos!


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