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I've been doing a lot of Etsy browsing lately looking for little things for the wedding and unique decorative items for our apartment.  If you've ever spent even 5 minutes on Etsy, you'll know that it can sometimes be overwhelming.  In my late night haze, I got the bright idea of switching things up and starting a new Friday Finds series featuring the little treasures I find on Etsy.  The series is just meant to curate things that catch my eye and that you might find lovely, too - and maybe save a few hours of browsing time in the process.

This week's shop is 86 Home.  I'm the worst when it comes to any sort of 'interior design' but I'm starting to realize the styles I'm most drawn to seem to fit into some sort of strange "rustic mid-century" hybrid category all their own.  During the wee hours of my Etsy browsing, I stumbled upon this cute little shop that seems to fits exactly that style.  Lucky me.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I favorited at least 98% of the store.  And out of that 98%, the items above are some of my absolute faves.  Anything catch your eye?  I'm drooling over that vintage cake carrier, b-t-dubs.  I bet it'd make a lovely wedding gift . . .  ;)

Happy weekend!

The choice of items to feature & opinion of those items is totally my own.  I just really like them.  Like, a lot.




  1. definitely the antique cabinet #5. just my style. french country feel.

  2. The picnic basket is TOO cute. I think I'd swoon hardcore if a guy ever pulled that out during a picnic date


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