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Trees in bloom in New York City

This is it.  Your big chance.  Your moment.  The time to finally ask that questions that's been lurking in the back of your mind.  Maybe it’s, “I thought only kids had pet guinea pigs. What’s up with that?”  or maybe, “What’s your least favorite food?” or “Why do you look pissed off all the time?” (Answer: I suffer from a very serious condition known as Bitchy Resting Face.)

Or maybe there’s not some burning question you’ve been dying to ask.  Maybe you just thought of something rightthisverysecond.  Whatever it may be, I thought it'd be nice to celebrate the new changes by hearing from you.  I’m curious to know what you’re curious about.

So . . . ask me anything!  I mean it.  Anything.  Silly, serious, funny, - whatever is on your mind, just ask it in the comments below (or email me if you don’t want your question public) and I’ll answer them all in a post next week!

And, let’s be honest, that post will probably become the new FAQ page because I’m too busy lazy to make a whole new page with exactly the same info.  (I mean, would you?  Didn’t think so.)  So tell me, what would you like to know?  I’m all ears. :)




  1. Love the new look and title! And I, too, suffer from BRF, so I feel ya on that. But you're pretty as can be, so while that doesn't help the BRF sitch, it's a wash.

    Question: how did you start making photography your business? When did it go from hobby to bringing in some bacon?

  2. What is the top destination on your travel bucket list? I'd love to know about places you've seen and where you hope to go someday! (I'm a travel addict. Just can't get enough. Need more money, more vacation time... and more camera lenses!)

  3. I've been wanting to do a post like this! But then I wonder how lame I'll feel if no one asks any questions :) Anyhoo, I'd like to know what editing software you use. Do you make your own actions? Alsooooo, if you could only drink one drink for the rest of your life, what would it be (excluding water from the options)?

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  5. Your "Awesome & Awkward" posts is what kept me coming back in the very beginning. Will you continue doing those in the future?

  6. Which is your favourite kind of chocolate? (...I'm eating some right now, that's what prompted me to ask ;) )

  7. I'm sure they are all a ton of fun to shoot, but is there one category (based on the galleries on your photography website, which are all gorgeous by the way!) you like to photograph over all the others? :)

    I love the new blog look, by the way!

  8. LOVE the new look!

    My question is, how did you decide to leave law, after all of the effort and time you put into school and the bar, and decide to become a photographer full time? What was the final push to make you take a leap of faith and follow your dreams?

  9. I think this is something you said you're planning to talk about more in the future [if I'm remembering things correctly?], but any photography tips? or gear that you love? etc etc.

    also, how did you decide to own guinea pigs? [which you may have talked about previously?]

    favorite part of living in San Francisco? [I'm kind of just spouting random things off the top of my head, in case you can't tell :) ]


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