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1. We all know Jay-Z got 99 problems but have you ever wondered exactly what they are?  Well, thanks to this Tumblr blog, now you know.

2. Today is my half-birthday, which means my real birthday is just a measly six months away, so naturally I've started to think about what I want to do to celebrate.  I'm thinking a weekend at this lovely retreat/spa might be just what the doctor ordered.

3. And speaking of birthdays, I've never quite felt like a true "Millennial" even though being born in 1982 (don't do the math...) places me within the limits of that generation.  But I'm definitely too young to be Generation X, even though I have very clear memories of grunge and over-sized plaid being a staple of my pre-teen wardrobe, so . . . what does that leave for us early-30s folks?  Generation Catalano.

4. The Asiana plane crash here in SF last weekend is definitely no laughing matter.  But this news station's lack of research certainly is.  How the reporter could honestly believe one of the pilots was named Ho Lee Fuk is beyond me.

5. Even though our local Bay Area news station my be disappointing, here are a few awesome things the Bay Area does right.  My personal faves:

- Knowing your produce is coming from a farm that's only a couple of miles away
- The Hyphy Movement.  (Love me some E-40.  Does that surprise you?)

6. And, finally, the always entertaining Convos With My 2-Yr Old.  I think this latest episode ("Pants") is one of my faves.

Happy Saturday :)




  1. Oh yes- that spa is a birthday treat- go for it!

  2. I could not believe when someone posted a screenshot of the news with those names! SO unprofessional and disrespectful!

  3. there's a highway 280 that runs here in Alabama [and possibly through other states - I honestly have no idea where it ends] and it is seriously one of the worst roads you could ever drive on. I'm talking horrible traffic at all hours of the day and wayyy too many red lights. I avoid it as much as possible. anyway, it made me smile to see 280 listed as a positive about living in the Bay area because that is definitely not the case here.

  4. Are you SERIOUS with that news reporting?! Now that's worth of a Ho Lee Fuk


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