The Royal Baby

 Listen, I'm just as excited as anyone about the royal baby.  And I can't wait to hear my future son-in-law's name when they announce it any day now.  But the 24-hour media coverage and ensuing hooplah is getting to be a bit over the top.  I'm sure there are other things happening in the world that are worthy of making the news but you wouldn't know it by turning on the TV.  Nope, all you'd see on the TV is a brief clip of the royal family out in front of the hospital in constant rotation with stories about where the royal family will live and what their next move will be.

Oh my god, Prince William stayed in the room with Kate during labor & delivery.

Oh my god, Prince William stayed at the hospital overnight when the baby was born.

Oh my god, they're putting the "future king" in a car seat by themselves.

"That'll be an incredible sight to see." <-- Direct quote from a journalist.  A father putting his son in his car seat is "an incredible sight to see."

Oh my god, Prince William is driving the family home by himself.

They've tried so hard to have as normal a life as possible, how about we stop making such a huge deal out of all the "normal" things they do?  Except for when they release the first official a photo of the royal baby.  I need to know what my future grandchildren will look like.




  1. Ha! I thought the same thing. They spent an hour on the news talking about where they MIGHT move. Just wait and then you'll see!

  2. I read an entire article dedicated to how amazing it was that he had already changed a diaper. I mean... just, wow.

  3. I've been all over this -- I can't lie. After my fiance pressed me last night, I can't even explain why it's all so exciting... it is just is! And is it weird that our future children could grow up to marry Prince George? I'm having a bit of a time accepting that I'm certainly old enough to have children myself... eek.

  4. They are certainly overdoing the repetitive coverage, but I gotta admit... I'd much rather hear about an adorable royal baby than many other depressing things on the news these days.

    I'm sure we'll all know when this kid takes its first poop and everything. ;-)

    Oh... and did you see the baby has a name now? Hehe. I'm sure that will be all over the news today!

  5. I'm actually beyond bored with the whole thing. I really can't understand what the fuss is all about? Why do people care? Do any of these people actually know the parents and have a valid reason to be excited? Sorry, but this is completely beyond me - and I live in London...

    Anyway, how has YOUR day been? Far more interesting ;-) xo

  6. It's so true...some of the stuff they were saying was ridiculous. Kate is in labor now "An agonizing experience for any woman, William is likely by her side..." - seriously heard that from a reporter. I mean..

  7. Oh I absolutely agree with you! I can't believe the poor things having to go through this beautiful but stressful period of their lives with billions of people watching on. Not this bunny.
    I also can't believe the magazines already speculating about how the Duchess of Cambridge will lose her baby weight - who cares! She's not a supermodel, she's a mother, so just let them enjoy this time without the cameras folks!
    Rant over.
    PS. I'll marry one of my future children (far, far, far in the future children) off to the next royal baby ;)


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