My Unborn Hipster Child

I have no idea how it happened.  It was late and the Fiance had gone to bed, leaving me up past my bedtime, bleary-eyed and yawning while editing away at the computer.  Somehow, my mind wandered all the way to Pinterest.  And then, somehow, I was pinning photos of adorable hipster/blogger-chic children.  And then I realized the absurdity of what I was doing.  I'm definitely not pregnant and probably won't be for quite some time.  And yet, I really want a hipster child.  Things like top knots, over-sized glasses, and Hammer/harem pants are less annoying way cuter when they're worn by a 4-year old.

The way I see it, I pin photos of interiors I love and we're not even thinking about buying a house.  I pin photos of the most delicious looking meals when we all know I'm just going to turn to my old staples anyway.  I pin photos of outfits I couldn't pull off or can't afford.  So why not pin photos of cute kids that may or may not come in the future?  They're so freakin' adorable with their plaid and chunky scarves, you know you want an Unborn Hipster Child too.




  1. I totally want a hipster child. real bad. :)

  2. haha these photos are amazing!

  3. Hahaha I love your mindset!! I pin exercises I know I'm not going to do as well as recipes. I'm totally OK with you pinning adorable and chic children, especially ones in green beanie caps like that one!

    Hope you're doing well, Stephanie!!

  4. oh man. i have to disagree with you here - i can't stand the hipster kid look. can't kids just be kids and wear superhero outfits and tutus? do they have to worry about their warby parker glasses at the tender age of 3?

    but i digress. that's me. i'm sure when your hipster baby comes along i will find a spot for it in my cold, cold heart.

    (seriously, i will).

  5. These hipster children are adorable!

  6. I envision our unborn child having a little bit of hipster style too! How stinkin' adorable... I cannot even venture into the world of Pinterest right now with this on my mind.... too dangerous.


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