Mixing Milks, or Why I Am Possibly Certifiably Insane

The Fancy Fiance and I have quite a few different dietary preferences.  I prefer skim milk while he thinks that 1% stuff is better.  So, each week when I go to the grocery store, I buy a half-gallon of 1% for him and a gallon of skim for me (I drink a lot of milk).

I've mentioned my nightly chocolate milk routine before.  (I've mentioned it many times actually.  Can you say 'obsessed'?)  Well, not too long ago I went into the kitchen to make my nightly glass of creamy smooth chocolate deliciousness.  When I opened the fridge, I realized I didn't have enough milk.

I should clarify, my obsession is taken one step further by the fact that I only use certain specific glasses for my chocolate milk and certain specific mugs for my hot chocolate.  So by "didn't have enough milk" I meant there was not enough of my skim milk to fill my usual chocolate milk glass.

Okay, now that we all know just how crazy I am, I'll get on with it.  I mentioned to the Fancy Fiance that I didn't have enough milk and asked if I could use some of his.  Normally, I probably wouldn't ask but if I used his milk, there wouldn't be enough for his morning latte the next day.  The guy is Italian - he loves his morning lattes and I don't want to risk relationship harmony.  But of course he said yes anyway.  Calming the crazy outweighs the potential for a latte-less morning.

After I poured myself a full glass of his 1% milk, he said, "Oh, I thought you were just going to supplement your milk."

Me:  Um, supplement?  What do you mean?
Him:  Like, use the rest of your milk then just fill the last half of the glass with mine.
Me:  You mean mix the milks?
Him:  Oh my god.  Are you seriously going to tell me you won't mix the milks?

Here's the thing, though.  It's not that I won't mix them, it just never occurred to me as a possibility.  I fully accept that I have my crazy quirks but I actually don't care about mixing the milks.  When he suggested it, it totally made sense.  I just didn't think of it as an option at the time.  Funny how our minds work (or don't).  My brain is so set on one type of milk for my chocolate milk that it didn't even think to just add to what I already have.  In fact, it almost makes more sense than going full 1%.  Half a percent is closer to skim, isn't it?  What do you think - would you mix the milks?




  1. Though I'm not a regular milk drinker, I would totally the mix milks! No question. Live on the edge. :)

    Also, love that you have a chocolate milk habit. That's an addiction I can really get behind!

  2. haha this is so great, I can totally see this happening in my house.

    I am not a milk drinker, but there are certain exceptions to my rule. We buy 1% because that is what Andrew likes, even though I am used to skim. I am with you, even though it makes sense, I would never even think to mix the milks! I don't think I would be able to do it. But again, I don't like milk in the first place unless it's a vehicle for my cereal or mixed with chocolate so what do I know. :)

  3. People who don't drink skim milk should not be trusted. That's what I think about it. That being said, I probably would mix the milk in this particular situation.

  4. ha so funny. i got annoyed with my finace before because he wouldn't mix the milks - but they were actually the same (both 1%). so it made total sense to me. somehow did % seems weirder though ha. first world problems, right? haha.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  5. hah! i definitely would have mixed the milks - it's so funny how different brains are indeed! i love that it never crossed your mind. and i, too, am a big lover of milk. the best.

  6. All I could think of while reading this is how this week was the first time I had had real milk with cereal in a while (I prefer rice milk) and I kept smelling it, feeling like something was off... and then I realized: oh, it might just be how regular milk smells. (It wasn't a bad smell, just different than the sweet aroma of rice milk.)

    So, as someone who is being all picky about milk and never was before, I can appreciate this post. :)

  7. I feel you! We are a house divided: almond milk for him and 2% for me but yes I mix milks all the time! Use skim and add some of his 1% to add some creaminess to your chocolate drinks!


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