June Lately

Remember the carefree days of childhood when time seemed to move so slowly and it felt as if we'd never grow up?  The school year dragged on for ages, the summer days seemed endless, and the adult life of bills and stress and worry seemed oh, so far away.  My, how things have changed.  Now time is constantly flying, forgetting to leave enough of itself behind for us to truly enjoy it.  The days of bills and stress and worry seem never-ending and a year that feels like it started just a few weeks ago is now at the halfway point, with shorter days and cooler temps inevitably on the horizon.

When time flies this fast, it's nice to look back and recall the memories of the month before, even if you did totally slack on Instagram last month and not really post much (*ahem* like me. . . .).

That famous bridge  |  Yosemite Falls  |  Irony in a Restaurant  |  My First Horseback Ride  |  A Furry Resident of the Groveland Hotel  |  Binging on B&J's post-burglary  |  Pizza From Our New Pizza Stone  |  Birthday Apple Crisps & Pretty Anthro Dishes

Are you ready for July?





  1. June went by so fast! I can't believe it!!!

    Love that picture of the golden gate bridge... beautiful! :)

  2. I feel duped by the grasp on time I had as a kid. If only it dragged now the way it did then! Wasn't it just Valentine's Day? Memorial Day? Where did June go??

    Arugula on pizza = always a good idea!

  3. I really enjoy looking at your pictures. They are lovely. And YES this year is going fast. Stupid being an adult.

  4. I love all of these! No wonder June flew by for you, look at all the fun you were having! :) I still can't believe it's July! The years keep getting faster and faster.

  5. Man how true. If only summer went that slowly now!!


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