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Just a few links that either caught my eye or stole my heart this week.

1. For those of you who grew up any time between 1968 and 2001 (um . . . all of us?), you might be familiar with Mr. Rogers.  Well, if there weren't already enough reasons to love him, here's 21 more reasons why Mr. Rogers is probably the best neighbor any of us had.  Mr. Rogers, I like you just the way you are!

2. A good reminder to us ladies that we might pass along a lot more than we realize to the next generation of women.  Let's all agree now to pass down the good stuff, not the negative thoughts and bad attitudes towards ourselves.

3. I'm envisioning many uses for these sweet little prints from Printic.  All those lovely Instagram photos can now come live in our apartment as actual prints or, better yet, personalized note cards!

4. I found a different kind of inspiration for tonight's engagement session - what NOT to do!

5. And in case you've ever wondered about what it's like to be a professional photographer, here's a somewhat sarcastic take on the job.  A few that are definitely spot on - the one about guests jumping into the aisle to get First Kiss shots with their cell phone (thereby blocking my camera's view) and this one:

 SO true!

6. And, finally - I wish I could go back in time and have this girl's childhood.  Or maybe I'll become a wildlife photographer and the Fiance and I will just raise our children to be real-life Mowglis too.

Hope you're enjoying this lovely first Saturday of summer!  Now get off the Internet and go play outside (after you've checked out those links of course).





  1. awww the Mr. Rogers one got me all choked up =( I miss him!

  2. I just got all teary-eyed reading the Mr. Rogers quotes, too. What a wonderful man, and such a huge loss now that he's gone!

  3. That Mr. Rogers post was a tear jerker for REAL... what a sweetheart

  4. gah, thank YOU! this post was such a nice breath of fresh air. especially the mr. rogers quotes. that might have to be made my computer background, methinks. :)


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