The Fiance Met A Ghost Named Lyle | Yosemite Part 2

We didn't actually stay in the park during our trip but chose to get a hotel room in Groveland instead.  Groveland is a sweet little town right on the edge of Yosemite that used to be a gold mining town.  Stories of shoot outs, lost fortunes, and mob-induced lynchings abound.  The heart of the town is The Iron Door Saloon, which is the oldest saloon in California and the local hot spot on a weekend night.  It's also the home of a pretty delish buffalo burger if you're into the whole 'meat' thing.

The Groveland Hotel, where we stayed for the weekend, is right next door to The Iron Door Saloon.  And it also happens to be haunted by a few ghosts.  I was completely unaware of that fact when I booked the room, however, The Fiance and I have this bad habit of watching (and making fun of) stupid ghost hunter shows so we were a little intrigued.

We found a notebook in our room where previous guests wrote thank-yous and other messages to the owners.  And some of them wrote about their paranormal experiences while staying in our room.  It's one thing for the hotel to be haunted but lemmetellya it's a whole 'nother story when it's your own room.  Some of those entries were pretty entertaining, though, and I couldn't help but read a few out loud for The Fiance's amusement.

Apparently Lyle is the most active and most frequently sighted ghost in the hotel.  He was an old prospector who died peacefully in his sleep in his room right across the hall from ours.  He loves to roam and visit other rooms, too.  I don't know if I believe in ghosts but I'm not necessarily a skeptic either.  I mean, I have no idea what happens after we die so it's possible that spirits have the option of sticking around.  But either way, I don't really need to meet a ghost, so I had a word with Lyle, who may or may not have been in the room.  I could've just been talking to myself and The Fiance was looking at me like I was cuckoo but still, I couldn't help but let Lyle know that I respect that the hotel was his home but, as a guest in his home, I wanted him to please respect my wishes to be left alone, thanks.  The Fiance, on the other hand, told him to feel free to do something in the room to make himself known as long as it wasn't violent, to which I quickly added, "And only if I'm not in the room!"

There was no paranormal activity that night and I happened to sleep like a log, as a matter of fact.  The Fiance wasn't quite as lucky in the sleep department and decided to stay in bed a little later while I went out to get bug spray and other necessities the next morning.  When I got back, The Fiance insisted that while he was in bed, he heard water splash into the sink and flow down the drain.  The sink was in view of the bed and there was no one else in the room.  I pointed out that the building hadn't been renovated in over 20 years and the plumbing was probably just old and we left it at that.

The next day, when we were checking out, the woman in line in front of us started asking lots of questions about the ghosts that supposedly lived in the building.  Lyle naturally came up and the lady asked what kinds of things he typically does to make himself known.  The woman at the front desk explained that one of Lyle's quirky habits was removing women's make up from his dresser and throwing it on the floor or moving it to the bathroom.  His other way of making his presence known is by turning the sink on and off. . . .

Who knows whether the water The Fiance heard splash in the sink was caused by old plumbing or a friendly ghost just saying hello.  Either way, the thought of Lyle hearing my request to leave us in peace when I was around and him actually respecting that request is kind of sweet in a strange way, don't you think?

Would you ever stay at a haunted hotel?




  1. ahhh that gave me chills! I am so intrigued by ghost stories. I've never encountered one myself, and I'm not 100% convinced if I believe in them or not. But, I used to work at an old restaurant in Dutch Flat, CA in high school. It was an old log building from the Gold Rush. And the chef used to get there early in the afternoon to prep for dinner. She said one day she was in the kitchen, which had a view of the back door. She heard the screen slam shut and when she looked up, she saw what she said was a female ghost in a white dress come in and walk up the stairs to the attic where the office and storage was. Needless to say, I was always creeped out when I had to go up there!

  2. i'm a bit biased, but i looooooved staying in a ghost hotel in the blue ridge mountains. i had just graduated from high school and my mom road tripped through the mountains and found the sleepiest little town ever. the ghost tickled her nose and it was the best thing ever. and shoooot this place is CUTE!

  3. Weeeeeeird!!! Oh my gosh that's nuts. We make fun of those ghost shows too!

  4. Oh, Lyle -- that is too crazy! Like you, I really have no idea whether or not ghosts are real... I'm not a believer but I'm not really a skeptic, either. I thought I saw a ghost in my backyard when I was a kid but, in hindsight, that could have been delusional nonsense from a sleepy 7-year-old.

    But, eh, if I knew/heard that a hotel was haunted, I probably would want to stay away... I'm pretty affected by the power of suggestion! Just knowing that a ghost "could" be in my room would result in me continuously seeing said ghost, I'm sure. Not exactly restful.

    All that ghosts aside, this place looks so sweet! LOVE your shots and "traveling" with you in and around California :)

  5. Chills for sure! I absolutely believe in the possibility of ghosts - if we're all a bunch of energy, and energy never disappears, then why not? I'm glad you had a gentleman of a ghost that respected your request to be left alone :)

  6. soooo creepy!! I don't know if i would stay in a hotel known for its ghost sightings. I am so paranoid at night anyway, always thinking someone is going to break in or what not, i would not want to add in ghosts!

  7. aw that is a cute town! so freaky though! I think it is true. my family has a farm in Kentucky that has been in the family since before the civil war. my grandma is a total skeptic about those things but swears that a room in that house is haunted. most people in the family wont sleep in it. so scary!

  8. Nope, nope, nope. I don't do well in haunted environments, lol. I totally believe in ghosts, I'm a weirdo. My husband and I spent a lot of time in Savannah, GA which is supposedly the most haunted city in the US... Totally freaks me out!!! With that said, your photos are beautiful!!!!



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