It's the Freakin' Weekend


I, for one, am super happy that it's finally Friday.  This has been quite a week for us.  It started off with me catching someone literally in the act of robbing us, then we were woken up Tuesday with a family medical emergency (no worries, everyone is okay), Wednesday brought with it car troubles for both me and The Fiance - and mine, unfortunately, requires "expensive and complicated repairs" so that bit of news really made my day.  We actually got a reprieve from the bad news yesterday, but I had a pounding migraine that made it pretty difficult to stare at a computer screen -a necessity for my job- so the day was pretty unproductive.  Needless to say, I'm thrilled it's Friday!

This weekend we'll be partying it up in Sonoma for my bridal shower and bachelorette party, followed by lunch at Lagunitas for Father's Day.  This is also the one weekend until our actual wedding that I don't have anything for work booked!

So, about the robbery.  I want to share the story with you because it's pretty ridiculous.  Last month, I won a super sweet contest Maggie was hosting for a surprise giveaway.  The package was delivered on Monday but instead of our mailman ringing the doorbell, he decided to just toss it over our security gate instead and leave it on our front stoop.  As I was sitting at the desk working, I heard the front gate rattling a bit.  I brushed it off at first thinking it was just the wind.  But it kept rattling, so naturally I had to see what was going on.  I first looked through the peep hole of our door and didn't see anyone outside so I opened the door.  Keep in mind this was about 4pm on Monday afternoon and our apartment is right across the street from a little park so there are always people walking by.  I didn't think twice about opening that door.  It's usually safe, right?

As soon as I opened the door, I see a man sitting on our front steps and reaching underneath the gate pulling things out of my package!  There's only about 3 inches of clearance under that gate but he had some kind of homemade tool he was using to grab things and pull them out.  He'd managed not only to open the box, which was sealed up pretty tightly with USPS packing tape, but also to pull out everything that could slide beneath the little opening!!  He took off running as soon as he saw me, at which point I yelled, "You'd better bring that back or I'm calling the cops!" as loudly as I could as he ran down the street.

And I was not bluffing, either.  You'd better believe I called the cops and filed a report.  Turns out the thief manage to steal a pair of sunglasses, a little purple pouch with nail polishes, nail file, etc., a bottle opener, some note cards, and some post-it notes.  The only things he didn't get were the two books (they were too big to fit under the gate) and some washi tape and Burt's Bees chapstick that had slid under the books.

I told the cops I didn't want to waste their time since it was pretty minor as far as crimes go, but I got a good look at the guy and wanted to give them a description in case he did it again.  The cops said that other people in the neighborhood have reported this happening to them but it always happens during the day so no one has actually seen the guy.  They suspect he follows the UPS and USPS trucks around the neighborhood then strikes as soon as they leave a package behind.  The cop who responded said he normally patrols this neighborhood so, thanks to my description, they have an idea of who to keep an eye out for, which made me feel a lot better about taking up their time!

As you probably guessed, I'm more than ready to put this week behind me and celebrate some happiness over the next two days.  What are your plans for the weekend?





  1. omg, that's terrible that someone would go through that trouble to steal things like nail polish! ugh! sorry you had to go through that!

    cheers to the weekend!!

  2. Whoa, that's totally messed up! Way to report it, though! And potentially help prevent this from happening to other people!

    Sorry you've had a :( week. Hope this weekend and everything get better!

  3. OH man, that is a rough week. I'm glad you have a fun weekend planned, always helps after a long week! Hope your shower/bachelorette is amazing!

  4. What a tough week hope things get better! I've heard about how people drive around looking for packages sitting on doorsteps but that guy took it to a whole new level by using a tool to go under your gate like that. There are some crazy people in this world!

  5. I seriously do not understand people who steal. Wouldn't you feel so guilty every time you used the thing you stole? I hope he enjoys his post-it notes. Loser.

  6. wow i am so sorry for your stroke of bad luck over the past few days! that's awful!!

    i hope that your bachelorette weekend was far more enjoyable and that you're week ahead is 100 times better/

    love your writing, its refreshing and honest and easy to get lost in. new follower :)


  7. Oh that's horrible! I hope the weekend turned that patch of cloud into a ray of sunshine for you. Hopefully they'll catch the guy before he can do it to someone else.
    In a related story, my Dad is still mourning the loss of a concrete cat statue that was stolen from our front porch about 20 years ago.


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