Awkward & Awesome | The Molly and Gia Edition

- Being our "first born" fur baby, Molly naturally got more attention than what Gia is getting.  For example, Molly has many cute, sweet little nicknames - Piggy-Poo, Mollywaddles, Piggle Wiggle - and her very own personalized song, Mollina Pollina Guinea Pig from Peru (pretty sure we'd had some wine when we came up with that gem.)  Poor Gia just gets the Chia Pet theme song. Gi-Gi-Gi-Gia!

- If you really want to see Molly irritated or ticked off, just let her catch me or the Fiance petting Gia.  When she saw me holding her the other day, she started nipping at Gia and chatting her teeth but as soon as I put her down, it's all good in the piggy 'hood.  We've spoiled her with too much attention. . .

- Despite her possessive behavior when we're petting Gia, Molly has been surprisingly attentive and protective of Gia.  When she's out during the day, she hangs out beside Gia's cage rather than in the living room with me like she used to.  And any time Gia sneezes or makes any particularly loud squeaks, Molly comes running to check in on things.  Apparently it's okay for her to give Gia attention, just not anyone else.

- Not going to lie, it's really adorable to see their little relationship develop.  Molly plays the role of Big Sister to a T and tolerates Gia following her everywhere, but only to a certain extent.  Every once in a while she hits her limit, at which point she runs off to her special spot under my desk for some Molly-time.  Gia, on the other hand, completely idolizes Molly and wants to do absolutely everything she does.  She even tries to take hay and toys right out of Molly's mouth so I can understand why Molly might need an escape once in a while.  The most stressful time in Gia's life is when Molly heads for her spot under the desk!

Overall, the two are getting along quite nicely.  There's still some adjusting going on but, for the most part, they're well on their way to being guinea pig besties.





  1. maybe Molly thinks Gia is her baby and doesn't want you to pet her because she is being protective of her!

  2. I really like hearing these stories about the piggy sisters - so cute

  3. oh my god i cannot get enough of these little furry lump babies. THEY ARE TOO CUTE! how do you get any work done with them around? i can't get any work done, as my cat is all too ready to sit on my typing hand and look adorable.

  4. Oh my goodness look at these furry little loves. They are adorable...I want to snuggle them.

  5. haha they're so cute! Loved this edition of awkward and awesome! I'm glad they're getting used to each other.


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