What I Do + Introducing Adam and Cassi

Usually when people ask me what I do, I say, "I'm a . . . photographer."  With a very slight pause before saying photographer.  I just noticed this for the first time this weekend but as soon as I noticed myself doing it, I realized I've always done it.  I've always hesitated just a bit before saying what I do.  It's not because I'm embarrassed or shy about it.  It's because that simple word - photographer - just isn't quite enough to explain how I really see my job.

I much prefer saying, "I document love" but even that is just the tip of the iceberg.  I document memories, fleeting moments in time that would otherwise pass us by to exist solely in our minds.  The anxious joy of a new life in the house and the exciting milestones as that life grows.  The thrill of a new stage in love and the promise of a lifelong teammate.  Those are the things worth documenting, preserving, and revisiting when our hearts need reminding.  And those are the things I get to photograph.

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A love like Adam & Cassi's is the perfect example of a why I love what I do.  Theirs is the kind of love that shows you what it really means to click with someone, to find someone that totally gets you inside and out.  Spending just a few hours with them was enough to make it easy to see how perfect they are for each other.  And later this year, Adam & Cassi will stand in front of those they hold dear and promise to be each others' partner for life.  I'm honored they've asked me to join them in San Diego to photograph their wedding.  I have no doubt it'll be a beautiful day.





  1. You're obviously very good at what you do, because these pictures are gorgeous!

  2. LOVE your photographs, Stephanie! can't wait to come back for a visit [on a mission to meet everybody at BEDM] =)

  3. You're also a storyteller!

    Wow! Your photographs are stunning. You've got a pretty sweet blog.

  4. You got some amazing shots. Do you have to edit extra people out of these pictures, or are you just able to capture these city scenes with no one else around?

  5. These photos are great! And I really love how you described what you do! :)


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