So Embarrassing

Day 10: Your most embarrassing moment

I'm sitting here on my couch with a belly full of hot chocolate racking my brain for some embarrassing juicy story to tell you but I got nothing.  Please don't think it's because I never do anything embarrassing.

Au contraire, mon frere.

I could tell you about the time I accidentally set my cousin's lawn on fire with a New Year's sparkler.  That was pretty embarrassing.

Or the time I almost fell in a duck pond while out at a photo session with clients.

Or that time in 3rd grade when I finally braved the giant water slide at Splashtown only to have it rip a whole in the bottom of my bathing suit, which meant I then had to spend the entire rest of the day with my 8-year old butt crack showing . . .

Oh, and we all know about that time I Gangnam Style'd my way to a sprained ankle (which still gets sore sometimes, btw).

Or how about the fact that I was born pigeon-toed (both feet turned inward) and had to wear special shoes to straighten out my feet.  And when I started talking, I developed a speech impediment and had to go to special speech therapy classes.  With a start like that, you're kinda doomed to a lifetime of embarrassment.

Graduation Day at speech school

Plus there's all the little day-to-day embarrassing things like polish off an entire bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos in one sitting (happens more often than you'd think .... ), re-read the Harry Potter series for the 10th time (because I'm a 12-yr old), and drink a glass of chocolate milk every.single.night before bed (just kidding, I'm actually 5).

Or the fact that this photo even exists.  I mean, the vest that looks like grandma's upholstery, the buttoned up shirt, the brooch at the collar????  Not to mention the one-eye-brow-partially-raised-and don't-show-teeth-when-you-smile expression on my face.  That's pretty embarrassing.

 (No, that's not a blob of bird poo on my head.  It's a tear in the photo.)

I've finally reached the point where I've done so many embarrassing things that my brain either can't tell which is the most embarrassing or just blocked the worst from memory altogether.  Just please cross your fingers for me come my wedding day - I really don't want to trip on my dress, sprain my ankle again, have a wardrobe malfunction, set something on fire, or unknowingly make the one-eye-brow-partially-raised-and don't-show-teeth-when-you-smile expression in my wedding photos.




  1. That picture is awesome! hahaha. Oh my gosh. Love it.

  2. awww so funny. hey, at least you own it, right? i have some pretty frightening childhood photos and i don't know if i'm brave enough to post those just yet. but they involve crazy perms and pastel pink huge glasses, so they're pretty bad too!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  3. That picture of you... I am still laughing....

    (and you know I have one just as bad. no judgement here)

  4. There's nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with re-reading Harry Potter ever, at any age. As for chocolate milk, that's my life's elixir ;)

  5. I had the same problem thinking of something embarrassing to share today. There are just too many. I'm always embarrassing myself. LOVE that picture!

    Oh... and my ankle still sucks after spraining it years ago playing volleyball. No more high heels for me. Ugh. I suggest wearing flats for your wedding. ;-)

  6. haha love all of these little stories! I had trouble thinking of one thing too! Which is odd, because I feel like I am constantly embarrassing myself.

    Hopefully you'll get all of the embarrassing stuff out of the way before the wedding! Or it will make for a fun and memorable story to tell years from now :)

  7. haha, that picture of you is so great. i think i had several of those vests when i was younger too. with scrunchies and jellies and really high white socks. gotta love the early 90's.

  8. I'm glad you pointed out that the white thing in the photo was a tear because I was trying to figure out what that was :)

  9. This post really made me laugh, your stories are really funny.

  10. Those pictures are ADORABLE Stephanie and you ain't got nothing on embarrassing compared to me. Trust me.

  11. HA I love these all! I'm pigeon-toed as well. Although I never got corrective footwear so I still walk with my feet turned inward some times .. usually when I'm drunk :)

  12. Was your photo inspired by Kimmy Gibbler? Also, the 80s/early 90s were an awful time to be a kid. I wonder if kids today will be embarrassed by their photos -- style is so much nicer now for kids.

    I too had to go to speech therapy, but we didn't have a graduation thing. I barely remember it all. My mom sent me before kindergarten so I'd never be known as the kid who talks funny.

  13. hahahha this post is great!


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