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We had a jam packed three-day weekend filled with a wedding, a first birthday day, catching a matinee of The Great Gatsby, client meetings, chores, errands, and my most favorite part of the weekend, adding a new member to our happy little family.

We've been talking about expanding our little family for a while and finally decided Memorial Day weekend was the best time to do it.  We knew we wanted another little guinea pig but we weren't sure how Molly would react.  This may come as a surprise but she can be a bit bossy and territorial sometimes.  Since we weren't sure how she'd react, we decided the best option would be to adopt another female baby.  Baby guinea pigs are naturally more submissive towards adults so we'd avoid a fight for dominance and, since Molly is unaltered, a female would mean we don't end up with lots more babies in a few months!

There were three baby females available for adoption.  We observed them for a while to see if we could catch a glimpse of their personalities and figure out who would make a good companion for Molly.  The first was a very timid and shy white piggy with a cute little tan patch on her face.  She was a very sweet girl but not at all excited about being picked up or handled.

The second was a rust-colored piggy with long, crazy hair.  She had a full-on mohawk all the way down her back with the rest of her fur sticking out in all directions.  She was quite possibly one of the cutest guinea pigs I've ever seen but she was a bit of a grump.  She hid in her igloo most of the time and when she came out for food, she didn't pay any attention to the other two piggies.  Molly loves attention so, as adorable as the crazy-haired pig was, it just didn't feel like the right fit.

Then there was this vivacious little black guinea pig.  She seemed small for her age (3 months) but she was so spunky I couldn't stop watching her.  She actually reminded me of Molly when we first adopted her.  Rather than hiding, she came running over to the front of the cage while we were watching so she could check us out.  She was full of energy, doing circles in the cage and hopping in & out of her food dish.  The Fiance said right away she was the one for us but I wanted to watch a bit longer to be sure.  The moment that solidified it for me was when she saw the crazy-haired pig leave the igloo to come out for food.  The little black one got so excited her friend was awake, she started popcorning on the spot.  She was so happy to see her little friend, even though her friend was a grump, and that's exactly the kind of companion Molly needs.  So, we brought her home with us!

We named her Gia (a nice Italian name) and she immediately took to Molly, following her around, copying everything she did, squealing when Molly wandered away and popcorning as soon as she came back.  And Molly has been amazing adjusting to the new member of our family.  She hasn't shown any signs of aggression or territorial behavior.  Quite the opposite, actually.  Molly has been sweet, gentle, curious, and caring - far more than I ever expected from her.  I know it may sound silly, but that sweet little Molly continues to impress me in her role as 'pig' sister.

And now, what I'm sure you've been waiting for, cute photos of Gia & Molly sharing some hay and getting to know each other.

Gia's fur is mostly solid black but the tips of the fur around her face have little specks of white.  I'm really curious to see if the white markings become more pronounced as she gets older.  Her floppy ears are the cutest ever and they wiggle a bit when she chews her food.  I think they also give her a very mouse-like appearance (minus the tail, of course).

We picked Gia almost entirely because of her personality but I do like that she and Molly look like they could've come from the same litter.  And she's already trying to eat our towels, just like Molly!

How was your holiday weekend?





  1. omg this is just too cute!! love that molly is being so sweet!

  2. Too precious! How exciting to add onto your family!!

  3. They are so cute. I love that you love guinea pigs!

  4. So sweet, you just doubled the cuteness on this blog with Gia. I was already a big fan of Molly, but Gia is a really cutie pie too!

    Love to see more of them :-)

  5. Aw they are so cute together :) I think it's awesome you love your guinea pigs so much! I don't think I know anyone who owns one but they seem like cute pets!

  6. SO cuuuuuuute!!! Gia totally looks like she could be Molly's baby :) How fun to add a new member to the familia! XO Brynn

  7. oh, she is just so so precious! I haven't had guinea pigs since I was, like, 7, and Molly and Gia are making miss them something fierce! what sweet little faces they have.

  8. AAAA cutest post ever! I officially want/NEED a guinea pig! The popcorn video on your link reminds me of this video I was recently introduced to of springboks "pronking" from BBC's Africa series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMIiB9DnRXg

  9. I kind of really heart your new piggy daughter :)

  10. OMG how precious!! How is Molly adjusting to the new sibling?


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