How To Put The "Pro" In Procrastinate

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 Make a thorough and complete to-do list of all important items that need to be accomplished before the end of the day.

Set list aside and pick up the latest Anthropologie* catalogue.

Peruse the Anthro catalogue quickly -because you really do have to get back to work- and dog ear all the pages with items you wish you could buy but could never really afford.

Place the catalogue on top of the All-Important To-Do List, conveniently hiding it from view.  Out of sight, out of mind.

Panic because you can't find your to-do list.

Rack your brain until you remember something from that dang list.  Naturally, only the fun stuff comes to mind.

Make yourself a glass of chocolate milk.

Tackle the one and only task you can remember from your list.  Look at you, you're getting something done!

Reward yourself with a few minutes on Facebook.

And maybe check a blog or two . . .

What's this?  So-and-so has a new sponsor?  Well, that blog looks interesting . . .

Oh, crap.

Get back to that task.  It was kinda fun anyway.  But let's turn on some tunes to keep up the motivation.

Ooh, I love this song!

Proceed to have a solo dance party at your desk / in your office / in the kitchen.

Whew.  Catch your breath.  Is it lunch time yet?

Get back to work.

Was that a bird that just flew by?  I think I'll stare out the window a while to see if it comes back.

Daydream about sitting on a cliff, soaking in the sun with your Love and enjoying gorgeous views of the Golden Gate Bridge. *sigh*

Seriously, now.  Back to work.  Where the heck did that to-do list go?

Proceed to clean and organize your desk.  That thing is a mess anyway.  How can you really expect to get anything done.

There's the list!!!

Okay, let's work through this thing.

Oh, wait . . . I need some food.  How is it already 1pm?

Take a lunch break and watch a little TV.

Holy sheezy that was a lot of TV.  Back to work!

Frantically work through your list one item at a time until you hear the faint rattling of a cage in the next room.  Molly wants to play.

She's so cute, how can you not stop to play with her?

Aw, she just wants to cuddle!

Alright, that's enough, ya bum.  Get back to work.

Speaking of being a bum, you haven't worked out yet today, have you?

-- Tracy Anderson / Jillian Michaels / random belly dancing lessons On Demand in the living room for the next half hour --

Whew!  Alright, I'm feeling motivated now!  Time for a shower.

*sigh* That shower was soooo relaxing . . .

Okay, focus focus focus.  What's next on the list?

Power through a surprising amount of work in a reasonable amount of time.  It's amazing how much you can do when you actually try to do it.

Grrrrrrrrrr.  Whoa, there, tummy.  Settle down.  Let's have a snack.

How about . . . chocolate milk!  Yum.

Hmm . . . still hungry.  And I'm feeling a little naughty.

Time for Nutella on toast!  (At least use multi-grain bread so it's somewhat healthy.  You don't need any more guilt in your life.)

Oh, man.  That hit the spot.  Guess what it's time to do now . . .

Work it girl.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work you go.

Wow, you just checked off quite a bit of stuff.  Congratulations.

Time to make dinner.

Guess you can finish up the rest later tonight.  Like a true Pro-crastinator.

*This can really be any catalogue of your choosing, so long as it is interesting enough to be a sufficient time suck.

(Don't worry, this is not what the average work day looks like for me.  Just the occasional Monday.)




  1. Hahahahaha.... Do you have some sort of camera installed in my home?! This is really funny and embarrassingly true! Great post! xo

  2. Hahaha. This sounds familiar. I was the ultimate pro-crastinator in architecture school. Always completing my projects the night before like a good archi-torture student. I wasn't the only one either. :)

  3. haha Hilarious. Definitely relate every now and then :)

  4. hahaha that sounds like me! I am a PROcrastinator for sure, it would be scary if I ever worked from home!

    Anthro catalogs are a dangerous thing to have, I want everything. Also, now I am craving Nutella!

    Hope you're having a good day :)

  5. Love this...and I can relate. Working from home certainly has it's perks but it can be so challenging too!

    Now to make my to do list

  6. um that pretty much IS a day in my life. No wonder I don't ever accomplish anything!!

  7. hilarious! I wish I hadn't just eaten a random bowl of cereal...Nutella on toast is sounding preeeetty good right now.

  8. That is pretty much how my work day went when I worked from home last year. Aww, I miss it

  9. You got me at chocolate milk ;)


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