Day 3 | 10 Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

Because anything other than 10 makes me uncomfortable.

Having my photo taken.

I really truly can sympathize with my clients when they tell me they hate having their pictures taken.  I always feel so awkward on the other side of the lens. I hold a lot of tension around my mouth when I get nervous so I end up looking p!ssed off in every photo. Luckily our awesome photog knew how to make the serious/angry face work for our engagement photos.

Borrowing money from someone, anyone.

Really just the concept of it makes me uncomfortable. I've worked since I was 16, and fully supported myself financially since I was 18. The thought of having to rely on someone else makes me really uneasy. We would like to eventually, someday have kids and when that eventually, someday happens, I'd like to be able to stay home with them at first. The thing that makes me most uncomfortable about that, though, is that I would be working a lot less, thus having to rely on The Fancy Fiance to support our family. I know that's totally normal and the way marriage works but the idea still takes some getting used to.

Too-tight jeans.

You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones where you can see every *ahem* nook and cranny. I always wonder whether the people who wear them have mirrors in their homes . . .

Most social situations.

I am a classic introvert. Most social situations drain my energy but alone time revives me. And going into new social situations always makes me feel a little uncomfortable. What if they don't like me What if I say something stupid? What if I trip and fall? <-- Because that has definitely happened many times before.

Talking about wedding planning.

So far, our wedding planning hasn't been all that stressful. We haven't had any fights, we're doing everything pretty much the way we want, and we're feeling okay about it. There are things stressing me out, of course, but overall it's okay. This is all well and good except sometimes I feel like people expect wedding planning to bring on the drama. When they ask me how it's going and I say, "Great!" I feel like I need to apologize immediately after for having such a boring wedding planning experience.

Speaking of which, the thought of someone "giving me away" at the wedding.

I'm thinking about walking down the aisle by myself on our wedding day. The idea of someone "giving me away" just isn't my style. I am entering into this marriage willingly and happily and I like the symbolism of taking that final walk alone. Plus, in a way, it is the last thing I'll ever do on my own. After that, I'll have a partner in crime for life. ;)


I'm not scared of them. But generally speaking, they make me feel a little uncomfortable. I mean, they're not exactly cute and cuddly, and they're almost always associated with bad things. Hello ... Slytherin?

Same goes for newborns.

Again, definitely not scared of them. I just never know what to do when someone hands one to me. (*Updated after having a child of my own: Definitely still uncomfortable with newborns.)

Couples fighting in public.

Really? Who do you think you are, the next Bravo-lebrity? No one wants to hear you air your dirty laundry out in public. I guarantee I'm not the only one who gets uncomfortable when this happens because it's totally awkward. Save it until you get home, please. Or at least go behind a bush, a la Teresa & Joe Giudice.

Enchiladas made with flour tortillas.

Take it from a native Texan - it's not right. It's just. not. right.





  1. I completely agree about snakes (duh) and not having anyone walk me down the aisle. No way.

    also, I'm terrified of newborns because I'm afraid that I'll drop them.

  2. Great post!! I love the idea of not having anyone walk you down the aisle. Since, my father, grandfather, and uncle have all passed away, I use to worry about that, alot. Not that i'm anywhere near getting married, if it happens at all. Nonetheless, you have made me feel alot better about it. Thanks!!

    Best, Mree

  3. I wanted to include snakes in today's post too... yuck! Slytherin definitely came to mind.

    Borrowing money from people... ugh. I felt the same way when I got married at first, but I'm becoming more comfortable with the fact I don't have a job right now. I used to make about as much as my husband, and now he's the sole supporter of our household. What a learning experience.

  4. wow I totally agree with almost all of these! good for you for enjoying the wedding planning! I never thought of giving away like that before. the solo walk idea is unique and I like it. :)

  5. I love the photo accompaniment.... yes, too tight jeans are the worst!

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  6. Love this post and agree with all of them! Especially the couples fighting in public. So awkward!

  7. Couple arguing in public definitely made my list too!

  8. Are we twins? Because those are basically the same things on my list. Except for snakes. I think I'd rather handle snakes than newborns. At least it won't be too disastrous if you drop a snake

  9. i hate people fighting in public. so uncomfortable for everyone around them! we recently were at brunch on vacation and a big family at the table next to use fought the entire time - the mom was just as terrible and dramatic as her teenagers. i wanted to scream the entire meal.

  10. Bahaha! Too-tight jeans. Um, YES. Also, I am terrified of snakes. Terrified. They make me all sorts of uncomfortable.

  11. You are so much nicer than me; I'd call many of these pet peeves. I teach high school, so I see plenty of tight jeans. The worst is trying to explain why something is inappropriate.

    Re: the wedding, we also had really smooth wedding planning. Hardly anyone asked about it (but I didn't talk about our wedding a lot, and never on facebook). We just did what we wanted. I did walk down the aisle with both my parents, but there was no giving away stuff at the end, and I walked the last little bit on my own. It was mostly me walking them down to their seats, honestly. I really dislike the "who gives this woman in marriage" bit, especially for people like us who have been independent and on our own for a number of years.

    And as someone mentioned upthread, forget just couples fighting in public. Families fighting in public are the worst. I hope I can be good about that when I'm a parent.


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