A Few of My Old Faves

Day 21: A list of links to your favorite posts in your archives.

This is quite the rand-o list I've compiled for you, my friends. It was kind of fun looking back at some of my old posts and it really made me think about the evolution of this blog. Hope you enjoy my little look back through the archives.

First post that caught my eye was this Dr. Seuss-style poem about the bar exam. That kind of stress does funny thing to your brain. Thank god it paid off when I finally got my bar results back.

My little story about my family's connection to the Alamo stood out next. It was my first time taking The Fancy Fiance home to Texas - and yes, he asked about the basement of the Alamo.

I also couldn't pass up this bit of awkwardness, and this reflection after my first month of self-employment made me feel awkward simply because I still have the same problem with time management. Oops.

That's okay. I'll just be sure to enjoy the little things,

embrace the space,

take in some city chatter,

and enjoy a trip to New York City.

Then maybe throw a little philosophy at you, just to keep you on your toes.

Or how about I just tell you the secret to the perfect chocolate chip cookie (in my opinion, at least)?

I still believe in the heirarchy of books so that was a link worth sharing.

And for some reason, I find it much easier to open up in writing than in person, so here are a few things you'd know if you really knew me. And probably this stuff, too.

And, finally, I couldn't leave our love story out of my list of faves. There's my side of the story, his side, and our latest news.

Bonus fave! Whether it be weddings, engagements, families, or maternity, my client posts always make my list of faves.




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  1. I loved reading these old posts! Especially the City Chatter, the Dog Guy killed me! hahaha Only in SF.


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