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Trying something new for Saturdays.  Maybe not every Saturday but once in a while I'd like to share with you the random funny / inspirational / enlightening / interesting / entertaining things I find whilst surfing them interwebs.  So here you go - my first installment of Web Love.

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First and foremost, Jon Stewart's words for Boston were brief but heartfelt and true.  The biggest takeaway from this horrific tragedy is the strength and endurance of the human spirit and good that still exists in humanity.  Horrible things will continue to happen and there's not much we can do to stop them, but as long as the good continues to outweigh the evil, we'll be alright.

I can just hear this girl's mother telling her to worry about yourself in the midst of a little spat with her siblings.  (I definitely used that phrase on many occasions as a nanny. . .)  And as firm as she is in her commands, she still manages to be polite.  I'm impressed, little lady.

I know this Dove commercial has been making the rounds but it really is eye opening.  The main thing I took away from it?  We need to be kinder to ourselves, ladies.

We've all heard the old saying about what happens when you "assume" things, but here are a few assumptions you should be making right now.

And, finally, have you seen this Disney spoof about what happens after the fairy tale ends?  I know it's a month old, which in Internet time is more like a century, but check it out if you haven't yet.  The guys talent might immediately deflate whatever confidence you have but at least it's entertaining.

Happy Saturday!




  1. LOL - that little girl is a SPITFIRE. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. I heard about that Dove commercial but I hadn't seen it. Wow...that's so incredibly powerful. Thank you for sharing it! That lil cutie in the car seat is too cute! =P


  3. So I watched the videos you linked to.. THANK YOU! They were amazing! I got teary at the Dove one.. that was amazing!!!



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