Molly Demanded Screen Time

Happy Monday lovelies!  I hope you all had wonderful a weekend.  Ours was mostly filled with work but we took some time Saturday afternoon to relax and enjoy the gorgeous spring weather.  We're heading to Texas later this week to visit with family and indulge in some Fiesta celebrations.

The Fancy Fiance has never been to Fiesta and I've never been as an over-21-year old so it should be a good time.  I had to warn him about cascarones, though.  Have you guys ever heard of cascarones?  They're basically brightly colored confetti-filled eggs that you break over someone's head to shower them in colorful, festive confetti.  They're hugely popular in San Antonio around Easter/Fiesta but I've never seen them outside of Texas.  We used to make them all the time when I was little using the comics section from the Sunday newspaper and a little hole puncher to make the confetti.  I will absolutely be breaking a few over the Fiance's head later this week. :)

Anyway - on to the main point of this post . . . Molly!  The little diva was getting frustrated with her lack of blog time lately so she begged for a cameo this week.  Actually, knowing that we're about to abandon her for a few days* made my fur mama guilt flare up in a major way so I took full advantage of play time with her over the weekend.  I also indulged her begging and gave her some of her favorite treats - basil and parsley - then took pictures of her eating said treats, and if that doesn't qualify me for crazy guinea pig lady status then I don't know what does.  Those kooky cat ladies got nothing on me.


One thing I love about these photos (besides her cute little piggy face) is that you can actually see the true color of Molly's fur.  She has this gorgeous grayish brown coat that usually photographs super dark gray but not this time.  This time, we found the perfect light.


How was your weekend?

*Don't worry, she has a piggy sitter to watch over her while we're gone.




  1. Molly is so cute! She has totally brighten up my day!! And after this weekend, I really needed it!!

    Best, Mree

  2. Aww! Molly is so cute!!! =)

    I've never been to a fiesta either! That's so cool! Maybe next year my boyfriend and I will visit his uncle in Texas and see one of those cascarons in action!!

    Ergo - Blog

  3. Oh my word how precious! I need to look back through the BML archives to read the story of how you came to adopt molly. Have an amazing trip to Texas!!

  4. Such a cute post. I lived in a very laid back sorta hippy building in Seattle once. And one weekend the manager of the building was going away and asked me to watch her Guiena Pig. He was pretty quiet until that is I opened the fridge and took out the lettuce! Then he squawked from here til next Tuesday and he wasn't even in the same room!

    Ali of


  5. I love that Molly's treats are basil and parsley. Healthy little gal.

  6. oh my goodness - what a super cutie! she's so tiny and love her healthy treats :)
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  7. She is like a mini super model. I wonder how she would do with Petunia? Those would be some cute pictures.

  8. Awww, cameo by Miss Molly. Safe travels to Texas my dear. And I remember the joy and horror of cascarones. The joy of smashing it on someone's head and then the horror that there are little bits of confetti ALL over the place

  9. I seriously love molly. I she's got a fancy pallet too. Basil and parsly! Fancy guinea!


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