Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

Once upon a time, in April of 1994 to be exact, my cousin had a baby.  A little baby girl with squishy cheeks and a full head of hair.  She named her Elizabeth Evangeline.

My cousin let me hold her new baby girl when the sweet thing was just a few hours old.  Not sure what to make of our new family member and totally freaked out that I'd break her little head, it's the first time I remember holding a baby so small and fragile.  And being the bratty 12-year old that I was, I was totally skeptical about the whole thing.

The little bundle of baby started to grow on me, with her big brown eyes and innocent gaze, and I began babysitting Elizabeth when she was just three months old.  If a pre-teen and an infant can be besties, we were it.  I changed her diapers, warmed her bottles, swayed her and sang to her as she fell asleep.  My heart began to love her like a sister as the sweet little baby grew into a fiesty young girl.

Eventually, my cousin and her family moved to Hawaii, with an ocean and half a continent separating them from the rest of our family.  Just one of the many sacrifices military families have to make for their country.  My sister and I spent the summer of 1997 with them on the island of Oahu, eating freeze-pops, hanging out on the beach, and most importantly of all, taking blurry photos with my teeny-tiny super tan bestie.

The military continued to send them around the world and I eventually moved away, too.  We grew apart both in distance and familiarity but my teeny-tiny bestie, who evolved from a cute little baby to a pretty little girl and now an independent young woman, always held a special place in my heart.  And today, that cute little baby / pretty little girl turns 19 and can't really be called "little" any longer.  She's all grown up now, entering her last year as a teenager and navigating her way into young adulthood with grace and confidence.

I'm so proud of you, Elizabeth, and can't wait to see you next week.  Happy birthday beautiful girl.

One of Elizabeth's senior photos, shot by yours truly. :)




  1. oh my, you look the exact same you did when you were 11 :)

    happy bday, Elizabeth!

  2. You were not amused by babies AT ALL but neither of you are babies anymore - happy birthday Elizabeth!

  3. I love you steph thank you so much and I'm excited to see you next week (: ♥

  4. this was an awesome, and beyond sweet, post. also - what an awesome name - elizabeth evangeline. your cousin rocked that choice.

  5. Aww! That's so awesome that you had such a bond with her! Happy Birthday to your Elizabeth!! =)

    Ergo - Blog


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