Sprained Ankle, Gangnam Style

So this happened last night...

We were at a wedding (as guests!) and were about to leave when the DJ decided to play Gangnam Style.  Not one to pass up the opportunity to dance like an idiot, me and my sober self in 4-inch heels decided I needed to get just one more song in before leaving.  Right at the end of my awesomely impressive ridiculously embarrassing horse-riding move, I twisted my ankle.  I tried my best to recover like a champ but finally had to call The Fancy Fiance over to carry me off the dance floor.

I put on a tough face and walked out to the car only to find a lump the size of an egg growing out of my ankle, along with some bruising.  Since the pain kept me up until 4am last night when I finally decided to throw back a few Advils, I'm using this as an excuse to give myself a much-needed pedi and have a Girls marathon while my foot is iced and elevated today.  Happy Monday, folks.




  1. oh no!! haha i can't help but laugh a little thinking about the 'show' you probably put on... but i am sorry about your injury. hope you feel better soon!

  2. The pitfalls of being awesome! Sorry to hear about your ankle!! Definitely ice it!! Feel better & Enjoy Girls! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  3. oh no!! poor girl, that gangnam song is pretty dangerous. hope your ankle heals soon

  4. Oh no! I hope it heals up fast. That totally blows.

    (and I'm sure the same exact thing would have happened to me, except it would be worse as I would most likely not be sober.)

  5. Oh no!! Hopefully it feels better soon... wouldn't want it to keep you off the dance floor ;)

  6. Oh no -- hope you feel better soon! (And I'm sure your horse-riding move was fantastic!)

  7. Oh man! First of all, your ankle picture made my ankle throb in pain... because mine looked like that after a bad sprain once or twice. Ouch! I also realized that your ankle sprain story sounds just like something I would do. Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Ouch. Hope you're feeling better and that your ankle is recovering quickly.

    At least you went out in style ;)

  9. OMG that looks like it hurts!!!! I hope you feel better! Just make sure it's heeled enough to wear those 4 inch stilettos at the blogger meetup k? ;)

  10. If not that, it could be the fact that you're not stretching well enough or just your working it to hard.
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