Introducting Baby Leah | San Francisco Family Photography

A lot of newborn photography focuses on the props.  A shot of Baby in a basket / water pail / fruit bowl / pumpkin / hanging hammock thingy.  A shot of Baby posed with arms folded in a way that no newborn can do naturally.  It seems newborn photography is too often about the props and cute-but-unnatural poses but not necessarily about the beautiful new life that was just created.  The new life that transformed a couple into a family.

But there's another approach.  Another way to remember those precious early days when Baby first discovered her world and Mom & Dad explored their new roles.  An approach that captures the way Mom nurtures and cradles her fragile young life.  Or the look in Dad's eyes as he marvels at the new joy in his world.  Baby's wrinkly little hands, peach fuzz-covered ears, and sleep-filled eyes are the kind of details that should never be forgotten.

And when props are involved, they should have meaning.  The sweater Mom knitted especially for her sweet little bundle.  The quirky stuffed animals and cute room decor showered upon the young family as a showing of love and affection that took root before Baby even entered the world.  The special, fleeting moments of real tenderness and real love - that is what should be documented and cherished.  And that is what I want to preserve with newborn photography.





  1. Good show. Babies below in the parents arms and not in a pumpkin. These are absolutely precious!

  2. I agree! Sometimes newborn photos are toooo over the top! These are so natural and so beautiful! I love the last black + white one and the one where this lil adorable guy is staring up at his momma! =) Very cute!!

    Ergo - Blog

  3. I absolutely love these. So natural and beautiful. The one with the family on the bench with their dog is adorable. Great work!

  4. These turned out great Stephanie! My favorite is the one that include the pup! :)

  5. That yawn picture is beyond precious! And I love your approach. Sometimes those pictures where the baby is crossing arms just turn out creepy. And don't even get me started on the ones where they hang the baby on a cocoon or something! I would panic! It makes me nervous to look at them.

    I love how natural these are!

  6. Girl, you preserved that perfectly! Love, love, love that last image. Absolutely stunning picture of the love from these new parents.

    Alisha and Brandon {the blog}

  7. These photos are beautiful! You're so talented.

    Hope you a wonderful day :)

    The Hartungs Blog

  8. Love these! So real and natural. You are so good at capturing true life!

  9. Gorgeous photos! I love whatever you did to edit them to make them seem more personal, emotional. Almost like you are right there. Amazing!


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