Awkward & Awesome (& Awful)

- Ok, this is the awful one.  Google just announced that they're "retiring" Google Reader.  Am I the only one still using it?  I read a lot of blogs ... a lot ... both for business and leisure and I manage them with Google Reader.  Now you're taking Google Reader away from me????  Just abandoning me like a lost little lamb??  How do I manage all those blogs?  How do I read them all in one little browser window in such an eye-pleasingly easy way?  What is it that everyone else is using that I'm not using because clearly I'm the only person still using Google Reader or else they wouldn't be abandoning such a wonderful product?  Would they?

 How dare you, Google.  How. Dare. You.

- Sometimes driving around San Francisco feels like I'm running the gauntlet.  People turning without using signals or breaking suddenly, bikers weaving in and out of slow-moving traffic, pedestrians darting out between cars, buses cutting you off because they can then taking for-ev-er to make super wide left-hand turns.  I'm surprised I make it home in one piece sometimes.

- I know the weather is a trite topic but it has been absolutely gorgeous here lately.  Like, almost summer weather gorgeous - sunny and 70 through the weekend.  If you're even just a tiny bit familiar with San Francisco, you'll know what a big deal that is!

- Today is Pi Day, aka 3.14, aka nerdiest date on the calendar.  I hope you celebrate with a lovely slice of delicious pi(e).

- Waking up when it's still dark and gray outside is the obvious Awkward to daylight savings and springing forward, but you know what's pretty Awesome about it?  Getting sunsets like these for photo shoots at the end of the day.

San Francisco Engagement Photo | Stephanie Court Photography

So now that Google is abandoning us, what do you use to manage all your blog reading?




  1. I loved Google Reader and had a panic attack this morning when that little box popped up announcing it. I just read your post from feedly and think I kind of like it better that Google Reader. You should try it out if you haven't already.

  2. Nope you're not the only one...I use(d) Google Reader several times a day...its the primary way I read blogs! I'll second Feedly as an alternative. I've been using it all morning, and its not bad...you can set it up so that it works the same way Google Reader did. I've just found it slightly slow compared to GR.


  3. That's rubbish! I keep up (when time allows, that is) through the Blogger "blogs I follow" which is pretty much the same. I'm now working on a new self-hosted blog and have no clue how I will manage the blogs I follow, especially when Google Reader goes...

    I can't believe it's so lovely and warm where you are! It's still butt-freezing here and I've absolutely had enough of Winter! Lovely sunsets? Ha! I wish!!! ;-)

  4. I pretty much wanted to cry when I saw that Google Reader was shutting down; my husband thought I was joking when I told him that I read "actual hundreds" of blogs using Reader, but it's true! I've migrated all of my feeds over to Feedly (super-easy), and am now trying to get used to a new layout while I still have Reader to fall back on. (For what, like 3 and a half more months? So sad.)

  5. haha. I'm living under the rock too! Totally using Google Reader. Haven't really investigated anything else. Ain't nobody got time for that!:-) xoxo

  6. Honestly I never used it but it seems like it would have made my life a little easier if I knew about it!!! lol. I've switched to Bloglovin a few months ago because it's really easy to categorize blogs and have a MUST READ one to filter out food blogs we just have for a rainy day.

    That sunset is awesomely gorgeous too!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  7. I think there's no need to panic. They're probably gonna replace it with something else, like they did with google docs that now is google drive? I bet it's pretty much a change of name more than anything. When you can download a file with all of your subscriptions and since they're offering that, I bet you just gonna put the information in whatever it is they're gonna come up with it and everything will be normal again :)

  8. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I love Google Reader. This is a disaster.

  9. I've been testing out Feedly today too and so far so good. There are a few things I don't quite 'get' yet but hoping with practise it'll be fine.

  10. I've used Google Reader DAILY since 2009 !!! I don't believe them when they say usage is declining. I think they are just using this as another ploy to force everyone into stupid Google Plus. Luckily there are tons of articles coming out that explain alternatives (the one on Lifehacker.com was great). I think Feedly looks like best for me, prob even better than GR. I wasn't able to switch to it last night though, most likely because of the massive onslaught of panicked GR users it was being swamped with.

    Driving around Chicago sounds similar to SF. Plus we have the worst potholes ever from salt and snowplows, and the cab drivers don't seem to think that traffic laws apply to them. I live in an area with diagonal streets that make giant crazy 6 way intersections and every time I get home without a fender bender I thank my lucky stars!

  11. I'm so disappointed to hear about the loss of Google Reader. So many people use it so I don't understand the reason to take it away. It seems like a bad call to me. I know people say "turn to Bloglovin'"...but...

    Yes, the weather in SF has been amazing! Yes, totally understand. haha



  12. I'm a little nervous that Google's getting rid of the Reader too. Ugh. Learning new technology and social media outlets isn't really one of my strong points. Great. I'm hoping I can learn something new fairly easily, because I'll be annoyed if I mess this up and lose all the links to the blogs I follow. :P

    Oh... and a slice of pi(e) sounds lovely on this nerdy day. :)

  13. i am devastated about google reader. im going to give bloglovin a treat since they have set up a thingy to import all your google reader blogs.

  14. I still use Google Reader too. I'm going to have to switch everything over to Bloglovin.

  15. Umm, last time I tried to drive in San Francisco traffic I nearly had a panic attack! People are absolutely nuts there! You are one brave lady :) XO Brynn

  16. holy moly that last picture is amazing! and yay for pi day (i celebrated accordingly. nerd alert!)


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