VSCO just released their 03 film pack recently and I couldn't resist giving it a try (it was half off with their loyalty discount - how could I say no?).  The 03 pack is filled with digital emulations of polaroid, fuji, and the Impossible Project instant film.

I learned photography by shooting on film but I'm not nearly as familiar with instant films as I am with, say, Kodak Tri-X or Porta films.  I'm kind of ashamed to admit this but I've never even owned an instant camera.  While my lack of experience with these types of films makes it hard for me to judge the accuracy of the emulations and whether they truly recreate the look of such popular instant films, I can say they look pretty freakin' rad on the right photos.  Some of them have a little more 'effect' than I typically like for my client work but I will definitely be using these presets on a lot of my personal photos.

Here are a few examples using some photos from my San Diego trip last summer.  I chose to sample them on the San Diego photos to recreate the look of some of those surfer beach shots from the 1960s (a la LeRoy Grannis).

My favorite part of the 03 pack are the black & white film emulations.  Whether you're going for muted and soft or dramatic and moody, there are plenty of options for the perfect black & white image.  I can definitely see myself using these on client work as well as personal work.

What do you think?  Do you ever use instant film just for fun?




  1. Love the effects and you're right, the black & white looks beautiful and would be really suited to some wedding shots. Have a lovely week xo

  2. I really love these photos! The ones shot on the water are so nostalgic and beautiful, I love the 60s vibe of them.

  3. Too fun! I would absolutely play around with instant film... my fiance is actually a film purist, taking his Mamiya out when I'm shooting with my Canon Rebel, and I've come to appreciate the differences in our shots. I love the "vintage" look, too, which lends itself perfectly to shooting with film. I have a pinhole camera I've been meaning to play around with, too!

  4. LOVE these photos! I just purchased VSCO 01 because I loved the look of them better than 03, but now seeing your photos I think i might have to get 03 as well. They are so fun for personal photos, and the B&W are STUNNING!!


  5. These are incredible shots, number 1. And number 2, I love the effects! Both the muted & dreamy and the black & whites. So awesome! XO Brynn

  6. I used to have a mini polaroid camera when I was younger, but other than that have never really used instant film. Your photos are stunning though!

  7. Absolutely love these shots. Love the effects!


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