The 4pm Project

Some of you may have noticed a little hashtag I've been using on Instagram recently - #4pm.  It’s a spin on the 365 Project with the specific goal of documenting a year of life by just capturing a tiny slice each day at the same time everyday.

I've attempted a 365 Project in the past and totally failed at it so, this time, I gave myself permission not to shoot every single day for this project.  The goal instead is to take a photo most days of the week at the same time everyday for one full year.  I want to document all the little unnoticed moments that make up a year of life.  The photos can be anything – self portrait, still life, food, action, a photo from a shoot (since I inevitably will be shooting for clients around 4pm on some days) - and can be shot on either my DSLR or my iPhone.

I chose 4pm because as the year goes on, 4pm evolves from being the peak of a hot summer afternoon to being the last dreary hour of a gray winter day.  My hope is that shooting one photo everyday at 4pm will show the passage of time in a subtle way and will add variety in the lighting for each day's shot as the year progresses.

Here are just a few of my 4pm shots so far.  I'm planning to have them printed in an album at the end of the year to preserve my mid-afternoon memories of 2013.

Flowers in bloom on my walk around the neighborhood  |  Exploring Sutro Baths with The Fiance
Pedicure and Potter to kick off the weekend  |  Celebrating the Lunar New Year with a few words of wisdom

Are you doing any personal projects this year (photography or other)?  I'd love to hear about them if you are!




  1. Great idea! Not sure if I would be able to take a picture each day at the same time for 365 days either... These pics are lovely and I just like the little everyday things. Have a good week xo

  2. I love this idea! Can't wait to see how this projects comes together!

  3. I love this idea, but I'm terrible at keeping up with stuff like this. I can't wait to see it at the end of the year!!

  4. LOVE! What an awesome project & I love your thoughts & reasons around it :) I have seen most of these pics on instagram, but was somehow oblivious to the #4pm. Oops! XO Brynn

  5. This is a great idea!! Love it!! Wish I could be dedicated like that but I would fail, I would do it for so long and then get super busy and give up on it. LOL, I'm terrible like that.

  6. This is such a great idea!! :)


    New follower from Mish Lovin' Life !

  7. That sounds so much fun. I've come to realize that I can't commit to photo challenges that are supposed to last a whole year! Maybe I'll start with one month at a time :)

  8. This is such a great idea. I may steal it and try something similar, although let's be honest, the chances of me taking a picture at the same every day? slim to none. Perhaps I'll aim for once a week!

  9. this is such a great idea! i may need to give it a whirl (although i'd have to pick a different time... 4pm always looks like the inside of my cubicle. gross)

  10. this sounds so cool. I'll have to check out your Instagram! I love this take on the 365 project.
    I fear my 4pm looks so dull in comparison. I'm always typing away at my desk...BORING! haha


  11. oh love it. I am trying to take a picture of nature every day but it isn't always working

  12. This is awesome! Wish I would have started it as well. I'm a new follower from Mish's blog... I'm sponsoring this month too :).

  13. I love photography projects and the idea of shooting every day at 4 p.m. -- though my shots would get pretty boring pretty quickly! Since I work a 9-to-5, I could be creative for the first few weeks... but am sure I would struggle!

    I did a 365 project last year with my iPhone and had so much fun with it. At the end of the year, I created a Shutterfly album with all my iPhone snapshots from every day of the year... and it's one of my favorite books. (I'm photo book happy.)

    Sometimes we get so caught up in the "big moments" that we forget to appreciate the day-to-day, and that's why the 4 p.m./365 projects appeal to me so much! Snap on! :)


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