Being the football fan that I am, I can't let a Super Bowl go by without discussing it here.  First off, let me just say that never in my life did I think I'd be cheering for the 49ers to win the Super Bowl.  Twelve-year old Stephanie would be so pissed at me right now.  But considering I'm about to marry into a family full of 49er Faithfuls, I'm actually a little bummed at the outcome.

For those of you who don't know, the Ravens won.  (Also, welcome back from under that rock.)

While I'm not all that thrilled about the outcome of the Super Bowl, the whole event had a lot of awesome mixed in. 

The Sandy Hook Choir

Way to start the Super Bowl off with a tearjerker, guys.  I mean, come one.  I'm about to dig into some yummy soft tacos, The Boyfriend just popped open a nice cold beer, and then the Sandy Hook Elementary School children start singing America the Beautiful and a tear drops onto my flour tortilla.

Not really.  But it was a touching moment.  And it's pretty cool the kids got to sing at the Super Bowl.  They held their own up there with Jennifer Hudson.  In fact, they were so darn cute it made my ovaries ache.

Beyonce's Half-Time Performance

Holy crap, y'all.  I went into that show with high expectations for Bey and she killed it.  She kinda put the last 10 years' worth of Half-Time shows to shame. Talk about setting a high bar for next year.  Yeesh.  And not only was her performance amazing, but so were her all-female musicians and dancers.  A woman opening the show with America the Beautiful, a woman singing the national anthem, and a woman with her all-woman crew rocking out the Half-Time show better than any male has done since U2's post-9/11 performance.  Not a bad night for women & football.

Just goes to show, all it takes is one awesome diva to bring the house down (unlike that Britney Spears/'NSync/Aerosmith nonsense from a few years ago...).

Jacoby Jones' Kick-Off Return

No, I'm not happy that the Ravens won but I can appreciate a good football game when I see it and the Ravens played a crazy good game.  Jacoby Jones's 108-yard kick-off return to start the second half is just one of many displays of great football, and it was a pretty awesome one at that.

The Blackout Heard Round the World

This was by far the most bizarre moment of the whole game.  I've been watching Super Bowls pretty much my entire life and I don't remember ever seeing something like this happening.  At least half the stadium lost power for over half an hour.  Can you say "game changer?"  That half-hour blackout stifled the Ravens' momentum and gave the 49ers a much needed kick in the pants to score 17 unanswered points.  I felt like I was watching two different football games rather than just two halves of the same game.  And then, in the blink of an eye, the momentum shifted again.  Ravens scored a touchdown, 49ers couldn't answer it, and that's all she wrote.

(And then... gun shots went off in my neighborhood.  No joke.  And lots of helicopters.  San Franciscans take their wins and losses very seriously.)

The Budweiser Clydesdale Commercial

As if this game weren't already emotional enough, Budweiser has to go throw in the most Awww!!!!-inducing commercial I've ever seen.  My heart could barely stand it.  I dare you to watch it without getting at least a little misty-eyed.

Bonus Highlight - The Sign Language Guy

America the Beautiful's sign language guy was, arguably, the most awesome part of the Super Bowl.  Something about him kinda reminds me of a young John Kerry...





  1. Ok, clearly, this is not something I've ever watched or am interested in - which would of course be completely different if I lived in the US. Sounds like you've had a great time though! Hope your week ahead is just as good (I know, fat chance) ;-) xo

  2. So that Clydesdale commercial was amazing! I was blown away and wanted a beer only slightly less than I want a Clydesdale...I don't even like beer. That's how good it was.

  3. um yes, you picked out all the awesome things i would have picked out. well done.

  4. Yup, you pretty much nailed it! I'm glad it was such an entertaining game since I'm usually completely uninterested in football haha.

  5. Great recap on the Super Bowl! That was such a great game!

  6. Good re-cap! Only watched beyonce it was so good cant wait for her concert.

  7. I loved the kids from Sandy Hook (and had the same thoughts about the sign language interpreter!!) I missed some of the commercials and Beyonce, but caught that return! WOOT! I really wish my husband was into football, and didn't constantly switch over to the Golf Channel in the middle of a play. :D

  8. Love the recap. :)

    Beyonce's performance was awesome. The blackout was crazy. J-Hud looked amazing. The kiddos were super cute (have to admit that I cried...more than once in the hour that led up to kickoff. why so many sappy stories?)

    And PS - boyfriend should now read fiancé. :)

  9. I'm so sad I missed it! THis is the first time in years that I missed the superbowl. I'm so glad you shared the clydesdale commercial that just about made me cry !! I'm a sucker for horses

  10. I was one of those people under the rock ;) But I am so happy that you have caught me up to speed on all the details :) I am a little sad to have missed B! XO Brynn

  11. I have to admit that going into the Super Bowl I wanted both teams to lose pretty badly. The Ravens had beat our Broncos in the playoffs, and I'm not a huge Jim Harbaugh fan.

    After half time though, I really wanted to see the 49ers comeback. I found myself cheering for them and being afraid that Colin Kaepernick will be dominant in years to come. He's incredible!

    Um, yeah, Beyonce is a bad ass... that blackout was crazy strange and a momentum killer, and I had an awww moment during that Clydesdale commercial too.

    Good game. :)

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  13. Im willing to look past your knock on Birt Birt since you included the sing language man. he brought down the house!

  14. That sign language guy was hilarious! From his fake tan to his fake smile, I couldn't get enough. I was like, Wow this guy is for real!

    Beyonce and a Destiny's Child reunion made the entire day for me. Beyonce killed it! How she can do all that dancing in hooker heels is beyond me!

  15. Oh I could NOT stop laughing at the sign language guy with his "Grease" hair


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