On My Mind This Monday

We had quite the productive wedding weekend.

Church done.

Restaurant done.

Party venue done.

Photographer, possibly done.

Which is good, considering we're having the wedding in about 7 months.

We've decided to get married on our 5th anniversary this fall.  Awesome, but definitely a shorter-than-average engagement.

So we got the celebrations started right away with a lovely engagement party hosted by my future MIL over the weekend.  Lots of love-themed decor (perfect for Valentine's week) and yummy food and drinks.

There was A LOT more food, decor, people, and love than what these few measly photos represent but after about 3 minutes of shooting, I put the camera down and just started chatting. 

I do have one of those Instagram photos the kids are so wild about these days, though...

But, even with all that, I think the highlight of my weekend was seeing our 6-month old niece dancing to Lady Gaga.  Girl's got good taste in music.




  1. Wow, you go girl with all the planning!!! That's so sweet that you guys are getting married on your anniversary!! =)

    I just love the pic of those heart cheesecakes!! What a great time to have an engagement party!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. Well, that sounds like a great weekend to me! :-) It must be fantastic fun to plan all this and you two look really happy together. Have a lovely week xo

  3. We had a 6 month engagement. It's totally do-able, and you have the big stuff taken care of already!

  4. so excited for you - i am so glad you got all those things done! i strongly believe in the power of a short engagement - it makes you get stuff done and shortens the inevitable - forever with your love :)

  5. Did you change your blog design in the 3 hours since I was last here? I was soooo confused for a solid 15 seconds. lol

    I like it!

  6. I am so impressed!!! You are gettin' it done ;) I love the engagement party pics :) Those little bride and groom figurines are hilarious! XO Brynn

  7. That's a flipping awesome engagement party - the food looks so good. Happy engagement again :)


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