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- I had a 3-day streak of nonstop sneezing over the weekend.  I was sneezing so frequently, I decided to start counting.  And then I stopped that nonsense when I reached 17 sneezes on the first day.  But that's not even the worst of it.  The absolute worst of it is the way I sneeze.  I do not have a cute dainty feminine sneeze.  Oh, no.  Not this gal.  I have more of a violent, full body convulsing sneeze.  Like, the kind that leaves your abs sore the next day.  I thought working out 40 days in a row would be tough, little did I know the real physical challenge would be a 3 days of a sneeze fest.

Via - I'm the Freeze Tag sneeze

- The Fancy Fiance and I had a lovely weekend exploring Sutro Baths and sharing an afternoon treat of chocolate fudge cake with vanilla bean ice cream from The Cliff House.  The sunshine and sugar must've numbed our senses because we both had major brain fart moments once we got home.  First, he somehow locked the keys in the car right outside our apartment, thus locking us out of the apartment.  We went next door to get the extra house key from our neighbor and I left my shoes at her house.  (In all fairness, I was not wearing them when we went in.  I was just carrying them.  Totally makes sense.)  Once we finally got the apartment and car unlocked, he headed off to Costco only to arrive at 6:05pm.  They closed at 6pm.  After all that, neither of us had the energy for dinner so we popped some popcorn instead.  It definitely hit the spot.

-Sutro Baths, actually.  Before the ish hit the fan, we had a great time exploring the modern ruins of San Francisco.  The Sutro Baths used to be a large, privately owned swimming complex right on the edge of the Pacific coast.  Shortly after closing in 1966, the building burned down leaving behind what looks like ancient ruins, except it's concrete from 50 years ago.  I took a roll of black & white film with me so I'll be sure to share a few photos once they're developed.

 One from the ol' iPhone

-Tuesday was one of the coldest days we've had so far in 2013 - and it started off pouring cats and dogs, too.  I just happened to have an engagement shoot scheduled for that evening and rescheduling was not an option.  Why is this in the Awesome category, you ask?  Because just as I was packing up my gear to head out, the rain stopped, the storm clouds drifted away and the sun came out.  It was still crazy cold but at least we got a little bit of sunshine and some pretty blue skies out of it. 

 PS - I've noticed quite a few new faces around here so I wanted to say - WELCOME!!  I hope you feel all nice and warm and cozy and loved around here, as if you were sitting by a crackling fireplace wrapped in a chunky knit blanket with a steamy mug of hot cocoa to keep you warm inside and out.




  1. Oh dear... Your "Awkward" really does sound pretty rubbish this time - love the expression "brain fart moment" though, that made me laugh! The last picture is gorgeous... xo

  2. glad the weather cleared up for your shoot! and - i feel you guys on brain fart days. one time i locked myself out of my apartment 6 times in one day when i lived in nashville. my security guard was not amused.

  3. I sneeze all day at my job. It drives me nuts too. I work for a newspaper company, hence a lot of dust!

    Wait, so that beautiful archway gazebo building is the Sutro Baths? I can't tell you how many movies I've seen that in and NEVER knew what it was! It was like a paradise I always wondered about!!!! I think it's in Bicentennial man...Super cool! I'm glad you guys had a fun lil weekends after the brain farts! hehe =)

    Ergo - Blog

  4. I sneeze like a man so I can relate.

  5. I've never actually stopped at Sutro Baths before (to be honest, I didn't even know that was the name!). I'll have to stop there soon!

  6. Oh no! That sneeze attack sounds crappy! I am with you on the crazy, bold sneezes though (so at least you aren't alone there!)

    **side note (not having to do with sneezing, but with your "brain farts" leading up to the popcorn dinner part): popcorn is sometimes all you need :)

    As for the awesome - I have never heard of the Sutro Baths but it looks amazing! I am sure the black & whites will be awesome!

    XO Brynn

  7. These baths sound funtastic! I'll have to pencil in a visit real soon. :)

    Just love // kelly

  8. My one major regret from our trip to San Francisco last year was not making it to the Palace of Fine Arts! We were staying on the other side of town and couldn't feasibly figure out how to get there. That last photo makes me want to get on a plane now! :)

  9. I've also been sick and sneezing - not fun!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    The Hartungs Blog


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