Have you guys seen the recent Healthy Choice commercials?  I used to live on Lean Cuisines and other frozen meals in law school and resumed the bad habit while working at the law firm.  It seemed like such an easy lunch at the time but I was always hungry again just a few hours later and would inevitably end up snacking on whatever I had in the office.

But there's something you should know about me.  I don't actually get 'hungry;' I get 'hangry.'

Hungry + Angry = Hangry

Naturally, when I saw that Healthy Choice commercial, it totally spoke to me.  I mean, I know we can all relate.  Who hasn't felt the wrath of an empty stomach, rumbling to let you know that it's just seconds away from becoming a bottomless pit of bad food decisions.  In those dreadful moments before stuffing your face full of whatever is within arms' reach, even the sound of children's laughter could send you into a pissed off fury.  And really all along, the only thing you needed was a Healthy Choice meal.  Who knew?

*PS - This post in not sponsored by Healthy Choice, in case that wasn't totes obvi.




  1. Haha! Yes, who knew! ;-) Thanks for making me smile first thing in the morning - you've achieved the near-on impossible ;-) xo

  2. Hahahaha! I get hangry too! LOL!

  3. Haha that's awesome! I have never seen this commercial, but I gotta look for it because I'll laugh every time! I do like some lean cuisine dishes but I do wish there sodium content was a little bit less! I can't resist their spinach artihcoke dip ones!! =)

  4. I used to take those things to work, but I would be starving like two hours later so I would always end up buying a big cookie or peanut m&m's later. I decided that the Lean Cuisine was actually making me eat worse than I was before I started taking them to work!

  5. The first time I saw that I had to pause it and make my husband come watch. We laughed hysterically. It's so true! "I used to think I hated the sound of children's laughter. Now I know I was just hungry." I get totally hangry.

  6. I get really hangry too! It's just dangerous if I ever have to grocery shop while hangry, because I'll end up wanting to fill the cart with chips and ice cream. Not.Good.

  7. i can't help but laugh every time this commercial comes on. being hangry is a real, scary thing.

  8. Ok, so this is hilarious! I've never seen this commercial but am so happy you've introduced me!

  9. lol That was funny! Yes. Yes. I get hangry all the time.. Story of my life.. I just reach for the chocolate...So bad... soo bad!


  10. Being hungry brings out the worst in me - impatience, anger, willingness to eat expired food...

  11. hahah hangry totally true!! and yes the sound of children's laughter when you are hangry is totally annoying, tell those children to be quiet and let me be in peace until i can eat my next healthy choice meal


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