Friday's Fancies | Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is coming up this weekend so for this week's Friday's Fancies, I put together a little wishlist.  Some are things I plan on buying at some point this year anyway and others are just fun fantasy splurges.  (Speaking of fantasy, sometimes I feel like have more fun daydream shopping than real life shopping.  Maybe that's because daydream shopping doesn't involve a budget...?)

1. How cute is this polka dot blazer?  I would absolutely wear this to meet clients, brunch with the ladies, or date night with The Boyfriend.  It's almost too versatile to resist.

2. I've been eyeing these boots since before Christmas.  For a while, they were out of stock but it looks like they're back now... ruh-roh...

3. Tee shirt dresses are probably my favorite type of dress.  You can wear them with tights and sweaters in the fall, boots in the winter, oxfords or flats in the spring and sandals in the summer.  Plus, the shape is flattering on almost every body type.  But my favorite thing about this particular tee shirt dress is the unique-but-not-cutesy zebra print.

4. I first saw Cards Against Humanity on my friend Janet's blog.  I was intrigued.  What was this "Apples to Apples for grown ups" game I spyed?  I did a little sleuthing on the interwebs (i.e. I googled it...) and discovered you can download a pdf for free and print the game yourself.  This is one birthday wish that's definitely going to happen.

5. Finally, some denim leggings that DON'T look like enlarged Barbie clothes.

6. I have a feeling me and this lens were made for each other.

7. I'm kinda in love with this Madewell sweater but I can't decide between the preppy tan or monochromatic gray.

8. Hey, it's a fantasy wishlist right?  So why not throw a trip to Paris on there?  I can't believe I've still never been to France.  Paris, ma chérie, je t'aime.  Un jour, nous serons ensemble.  (Photo via.)

Yeah, I made this post all about me and what I want.  But you might want some of that stuff, too, right?  (Plus, it's my birthday so I can do whatever I want!)

Happy Weekend!!!




  1. I love Cards Against Humanity! I bought it for my boyfriend for Christmas and we've had 3 game nights so far! That polka dotted blazer and the adorable heart sweaters!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a rocking weekend!!!

  2. omg LOVE cards against humanity. perfect party game. it ruins apples to apples though, which will always be too boring after CAH. my sister in law and her bf introduced us to it and I laughed so hard I cried. we got them the expansion pack for Xmas!

  3. OMG. I'm loving that blazer, so cute! Happy weekend girl!

  4. No way! I just printed Cards Against Humanity last night. Too funny! My brothers gf was working on sets at my parents house over Christmas as presents for her cousins. BEST.GAME.EVER.
    And I think you need those boots and blazer, adorbs!

  5. A trip to Paris would be wonderful!! Hope you get to go one day!!
    Happy Birthday!!

  6. Yay for your birthday weekend!!! I most definitely think that you should make Paris a goal trip for this year... you must go :) And you will LOVE cards against humanity...hilarious game! Happy Birthday, Stephanie & happy weekend! XO Brynn

  7. Happy early birthday!!! Loving the heart sweater and you know.. Paris is always a good idea!

  8. I like daydream shopping too... I feel like I can "buy" anything while daydreaming. ;)

    Ummm... that tilt-shift lens would be so much fun to have. I hope you get that gift. I hope you get them all, but that one is extra cool.

    Happy Birthday... almost. :)

  9. So many fun things! Love the polka dot blazer, and definitely in need of a new lens too! Happy early birthday! :)

  10. Omg got Cards Against Humanity for my bf for Xmas, and we loved it so much we bought both expansion packs! So bad, but SO funny- enjoy! Love that blazer too. Happy early birthday!

  11. I got my mom the Madewell sweater in tan and you really need to go with that over the grey - so cute!

  12. Gah, see? Exclamation point again. I really need to stop :)


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