I've learned quite a few things in the last two weeks of being engaged.  For one, I feel I can finally sympathize with what my clients are experiencing.  Wedding planning has been a blast for us so far but I can definitely understand how things could get crazy stressful.  There's a lot to do and it can easily consume your life if you let it.

Another thing I've learned since getting engaged is that people like to ask about colors.  And you know what hasn't even cross my mind the last two weeks?  Colors.

I totally understand the importance color can play in the overall look and feel of the wedding.  Choosing a color theme for your decor can go a long way in setting the mood for the event.  It's a perfectly reasonable question.  But every time I hear it I have to fight the urge to turn on my best Southern drawl and politely but firmly say, "Mah cuh-luhs ah bluh-sh and baah-shful."

I also tend to associate choosing colors with choosing bridesmaids' dresses - and there's the rub.  We decided pretty early on not to have a wedding party (no bridesmaids or groomsmen) so the idea of choosing colors never crossed my mind because choosing bridesmaids' dresses never crossed my mind either.

Now that we're finally starting to look at venues, I've been giving colors a lot more thought.  Like most couples these days, we want to have a wedding reflective of us so we're trying to think a little outside the box for venues.  If we have an idea of what kind of experience we want to create, then having some idea of color or decor might help us see the potential a non-traditional venue might hold.

One color combo I've been tossing around* is lavender, deep purple, and gold.  I know lavender can sometimes get a bad rap as a wedding color, especially when mixed with yellow.  The line between rustic chic and Mother's Day nightmare is quite thin, my friends.  But the rich, deep plum keeps the earthy lavender modern and charming.  And the sparkly gold accents... well, every rustic needs some glam, right?


Of course, we haven't even booked a venue yet so who knows which direction we'll end up going.  It's still kinda fun to starting thinking about it, though!

*By "tossing around" I mean the following conversation happened:

Me: Okay, how about this.  Purple is my favorite color so we could have purple and maybe something to kinda pop, like an accent color or something.

The Boyfriend:  Uh-huh.

M:  How about ... lavender and super dark plum purple, with maybe a little bit of gold glittery sparkle here or there?

The Boyfriend:  Okay.

Me:  I mean, I'm not convinced those should be the colors, but it's a start, right?

The Boyfriend:  Yeah. (gives thumbs up)




  1. Ah yes, "love" these kind of conversations with Monsieur... On the upside though, they normally mean that I can do however I please as he's probably forgotten everything I told him anyway ;-) I like the colour combination, though, as you said, careful with that lavender... xo

  2. I think your colour combo sounds wonderful. I'm down with gold anything!

  3. Pretty!

    Also, it's okay to go with more than one color combo, especially if you have two spaces. I wanted to have everything at one venue, but that didn't work out. Our venues were just under a mile apart, so no huge deal. I took advantage of the two venues to sort of switch color schemes. We got married in December, but I didn't want the whole thing to be a holiday vomit.

    For our church wedding, we went with blue and grey. Blue looks lovely with my man, so he and his brothers wore blue shirts and grey suits (mismatched grey to make it easier on everyone to just get a grey suit, and we bought them all the same shirts and coordinating ties). My two ladies wore grey with blue pashminas. And the only decorating we did was to add some greenery garlands.

    For the reception, we went Christmas there. I love red. We had little trees, and burgundy tablecloths with burlap runners, and all sorts of cute little details. I let our venue lady do most of the decorating, and she pulled out all the stops.

    It was fun to not really have a color scheme. Our invites were just green and brown on white background (and I did them myself in photoshop -- we used glo to do online invites). I didn't get too caught up in matching stuff. I did use the predominant colors in each venue to guide a few decisions, but I didn't agonize too much.

    Anyway, that's my two (plus a few) cents. Don't stress too much. It is just a day, and at the end of the day, you will marry your person. That's what matters. The rest is dressing -- lovely dressing, but still dressing. Also, don't worry about the comments of others. Everyone likes to have an opinion. Unless their opinion matters to you, no worries :-)

  4. I love the idea of a dark purple. So pretty! Can't wait to see what you decide on!

  5. Love the colors that you picked, very romantic. I think picking two shades is a wonderful idea because it creates so much dimension when you layer them! Can't wait to see the other details

  6. If I get engaged to my boyfriend I imagine my conversation about colors will be pretty much the same. =P

    I haven't been married but I can totally see Pinterest coming in handy here!!

    Purple and gold would be beautiful and depending on when your date is, you could totally play around with the shades of each! =)

    Good luck!

    Ergo - Blog

  7. i love you SO much for not having a bridal party. and i love those colors. freaking love.

  8. This is a seriously gorgeous palette! Going tonal on the purples is so perfect! And that pop of sparkle is a must! As for your conversation - all I can say is typical ;) I love it! XO Brynn

  9. I love, love, love that color palette!! it is gorgeous! I was a purple bride myself, so I am partial to the color palette, but seriously...stunning!

  10. We had plum and lavender for our wedding colors. I love them together... that gold we be nice mixed in too!

    Steel Magnolias was just on tv a couple nights ago... I wish I would have set the dvr to record that. Darn it.

    I think your fiance will be perfectly happy with whatever you choose. ;)

  11. My problem is I love all colors and can never make decisions regarding them. Whenever I was asked what my fave color is I always said ROY G BIV

  12. My husband and I went with our favorite colors. Dark purple and light blue. He was afraid it wouldn't work out very well, but in the end we found ways of making it awesome!

    I love the idea of having lavender and deep purple with gold! I think that's a great place to start!

  13. Oh my gosh girl.. When someone first asked me about colors I was STUMPED. I didn't even know what that meant.. I was never one of those girls that had their wedding planned by age 7. I just didn't think about it.. I had noooo IDEA you had to have "colors"... I ended up going with hot pink.. Go figure.. Anyway.. I'm loving the purple and gold accents.. like MAJORLY! And that convo.. such a boy!

    Janette Lane Blog


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