2012 Faves | Wedding Portraits

This last year was a bit of a transition for me.  Big transition, actually.  Moving to a new city to live with The Boyfriend and leaving my full-time job to start a new business is a lot of change for one year.  But as challenging as all that craziness can be, I can't help but feel thankful everyday for what I do now.

My entire job is based on documenting love.

From vineyards and hotels around San Francisco to beautiful Southern plantations in Maryland, I was fortunate enough to witness displays of love in all its many forms last year.

Sweet subtle kiss.

Tight loving squeezes.

Stolen glances.

Hushed giggles.

The kind of mystic affection shared between two people who know a secret the rest of the world only wishes it knew.

They were made for each other.




  1. It is a wonderful job and one where you pretty much constantly have happy people around you - at least I would hope so ;-) Lovely pictures... xo

  2. It's so refreshing to meet people who truly love their career and are good at it. You definitely found your calling. These pictures are beautiful.

  3. Your pictures are incredible. You really capture the love and the beauty!!

  4. Posts like this give me the wedding bug bad! I love the last one on the swings! So peaceful! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  5. Great job, Stephanie! You know I love your pictures!!

  6. You have such a lovely point of view on life, and your job. These photos are beautiful. I find myself wondering about all the love stories of each couple.


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