Weekend Snippets, or How to Recover from a Marathon

The Boyfriend successfully completed the SF Marathon yesterday in less than 4 hours!!  He was pretty much wiped out for the rest of the day so we hung out around the apartment and recovered.  Still haven't figured out what I was "recovering" from though...

Doughnuts make everything better, even marathon recovery.  And, yes, that's 4 doughnuts for just the two of us.  It's totally okay, though.  Only 2 of them had bacon...

Our upstairs neighbors left this sweet note and some treats outside our door.  Pretty sure we have the best neighbors in all of San Francisco.

Recovery also goes better if you have fresh pesto with sauteed summer squash.

And grilled pizza.  Mmm.... just look at that crust bubbling up.  Basically, you just need to have a lot of food and everything else will be okay.

What's that?  You want another doughnut?  Oh, okay.

How was your weekend?


Fab Friday's Fancies | Summer Refreshments

Happy Friday lovelies!!  The Boyfriend is running the SF Marathon on Sunday (because he's awesome like that) so I'm pretty sure our post-race plans will include lots of food and TV time, which is just fine with me.  This is my one and only weekend off until Labor Day so relaxing (and catching up on photo editing) are my main priorities.

This week's Friday's Fancies theme is Summer Refreshments so I took inspiration from an old-school classic: the Arnold Palmer.  Nothing says summer like a perfect blend of sweet, refreshing tea and ice cold, tangy lemonade.  And, for me, this week's outfit embodies everything the Arnold Palmer represents.  Not only are the colors perfectly reminiscent of sunny lemons and sweet tea, but the whole vibe of the outfit says classic, relaxed, and refreshing.  What more could you want for a summer's day?

1. Blooming Romance floral maxi dress
2. Serenite sandal
3. Storm sun hat (currently on sale!)
4. Linked cuff

Any big plans for you this weekend?

Happy Weekend!!!



Uncorruptable Beauty

 Quote via Etiquette for a Lady | Photo from me

I read recently that just looking at fresh flowers can reduce anxiety and release the same 'feel good' chemicals as anti-depressants.  I can definitely see that.  After a few minutes in almost any garden, you'll inevitably feel peaceful and relaxed.  Something about a flower's uncorruptable beauty just has a way of putting the mind at ease.

Hope this makes your afternoon just a little bit brighter.


London 2012 | Graphics

So I'm kinda obsessed with the Olympics.  Once every four years, we see our country's future reflected in the strongest and most determined athletes the world has to offer.  The Star-Spangled Banner makes you tear up at least once and you suddenly care about what happens in sports like gymnastics, swimming, and yes, even fencing.  It's a beautiful thing and it's why I'm super pumped about this Friday's opening ceremony.

Of course, this excitement compelled me to search "olympics" on Pinterest.  Initially I thought I'd look for photos of the wacky outfits all those nations come up with.  Instead, I was  distracted by all the cool posters and graphics that came up.  London 2012 has a some pretty sweet marketing going on.

I think I love this retro poster just as much as the new ones!



If you really knew me...

So a couple weeks ago, this bandwagon came along and I just let it pass me by.  And then I ran after it, caught up, and hopped on.  So here it is ... my "if you really knew me" post.  I originally saw it on Jenni's blog, then Ana did a great one, too.  I'm sure there's even more out there and I secretly love reading every one of them.

If you really knew me, you'd know...

- I can rap every single word to Salt-N-Pepa's Whatta Man.

- As many of you know, sometimes it's hard to pee in a public restroom.  So whenever I get stage fright, I have a special song I sing in my head.  I don't know what it is about it but it works like a gem every time.  I can't tell you what it is though - I might pee my pants just typing it.

- Only two people in the world know the meaning behind my tattoo and I plan to keep it that way.

- When I was around 7 or 8 years old, I thought Christopher Columbus was the coolest guy in history.

- I never went on a trip outside of the US until I was almost 26.

- I always say I want a big dog someday, but I secretly love those little Yorkies.

- I hate the number 25.  I hate how it looks when typed, I hate how it looks when written by hand, I hate how it sounds when you say it.  It's just a gross number.

- I have a serious sugar addiction.  I know a lot of people say this but, for me, I crave it like a drug and when I eat it I have a hard time stopping myself.  I've started restricting myself to just one dessert a week but it's a never-ending battle of will power for me.

- I still have my pink and white baby blanket my aunt made when I was still just a fetus.  If I ever have a daughter, it'll be hers (sorry future sons, unless you're a girl, i'm keeping it for myself!)

- The Boyfriend and I make up songs for Molly all the time and they rarely make sense.  The latest goes a little something like this: "Mollina-pollina, guinea pig from Peru, she gets so effing excited she don't know what to do."

- I have a lot of freckles in random places, including the tip of my big toe and the inside of my left ring finger.

- I've always wished I had dark curly hair and light green eyes.  For whatever reason that, to me, is just gorgeous.

- I could eat pizza every day of the week and still want more.

- I struggle with low self-esteem, especially when it comes to my body.  I don't see anything attractive about it and wish more than anything I could swap with someone else.  I'm trying to come to terms with it and be more accepting but it's a challenge.


San Diego on Film

Just a few film shots from San Diego.  I shot these on my little Minolta - the first 35mm I bought for myself.  This is the last of the San Diego recaps, I swear.   It's not even a recap, really.  Just a few pictures.  Everyone likes pictures, right? :)

These two girls had a huge pile of beach toys nearby but found the seaweed much more interesting.  They spent about 45 minutes running up and down the beach collecting seaweed and adding it to their little mountain.

What a stud.



I Gotta Question For Ya...

Cows are herbivores, aka vegetarians.  And you are what you eat, right?  So if you eat beef, does that make you a vegetarian by default?  Bam.  Just threw some philosophy into your Thursday afternoon.



San Diego and the Beach

Yes, folks, it's another San Diego post!  I promise the recaps are almost over but I'm picking up a roll of film from the lab today, which means there might be just one more before we return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Since we were doing the trip on a budget, we spent a couple of days exploring the beaches of San Diego.  Beaches are free.  Mission Beach, La Jolla Cove, and Imperial Beach.  Every single one was just as good as the last.

While we were in Coronado, we stopped the Hotel Del Coronado.  The Boyfriend sat down to read for a bit while I wandered the hallways until I found myself on the top floor with nowhere else to go.  The Victorian architecture and details were stunning.  We decided that someday we're going to take a *luxury* trip to San Diego and stay in that hotel.  Oh, someday...

I snuck a peak into one of the rooms while the door was open.  Since housekeeping was nearby, I thought the room was empty.  Just as I was about to take a picture, I realized there was a kid sitting on the bed playing video games.  Awkward.

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Ma Chérie Giveaway

I'm taking a little break from the San Diego recaps to share something awesome.  Not that my recaps aren't awesome.  This is just awesome in a different way.  The lovely Ana recently added some crocheted creations to her Etsy shop, Ma Cherie (remember?).  She has the most adorable beanies for little ones (I bought one recently as a baby shower gift) and sweet summer headbands for us grown-ups.  And now she's offering one of you lucky readers a $20 shop credit!!  Most of her items are priced between $10 and $12 so you could easily get two things.  See?  Told you it was awesome.

So now you want the deets right?  You have the chance for multiple entries so be sure you leave a comment for each one.  The contest will stay open until Friday at midnight and the winner will be selected via random.org so get on it!

- Follow Big Mario Life via GFC and Favorite Ma Cherie on Etsy.  That's it!

Additional Entries (optional):
- Like A+M on Facebook
- Tweet about the giveaway using @aplusmblog and @bigmariolife
- Follow A+M



Cabrillo Monument | Old Point Loma Lighthouse

One of our stops in San Diego was Cabrillo Monument.  I had no idea he was the first European to set foot on the West Coast.  Guess vacation can be fun and educational.  Who knew.

The grounds feature the Old Point Loma Lighthouse - one of the first in California.  I have a soft spot for old lighthouses.  (And fire escapes but that's another post.)  Something about them really draws me in so, naturally, most of the photos I took that day were of the lighthouse.  I just can't help myself.  Something about them is kind of romantic, don't you think?

A replica of the light's lens

I love when the interiors are set up to show how lighthouse keeper and his family would have lived.
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