Family Photography | An Afternoon at the Park

The bubbles floated and drifted till they landed on the soft blades of grass - blades so soft they decided to stay and play.  They gathered around him, each reflecting a little pop of light to catch his eye.  All vying for his attention.  His sweet little finger stretched out ever-so-gently to tickle each one till it burst with laughter.  After the bubbles, it was time for mom and dad.  They loved him and cuddled him and showed him how to fly till the wind picked up and the fogged rolled in.  Time to head home to get cozy and warm.

Bubbles and smiles, sunshine and windblown hair.  What more do you need on a Monday morning?  Oh, and some cute baby denim just for good measure.




  1. So cute! I mean really... that last picture just kills me. The one where he's trying to pop the bubbles with his little finger is adorable too.

  2. Your pictures are incredible!!! What a cute little boy!!

  3. oh, this little guy is way too cute!!! beautiful shots, Stephanie :)

  4. Oh my word! What a cute little one! Looove his hair!


    PS. LOOVING the new layout! I forgot what you asked me for help with... But I hope it worked out! Looks amazing!

  5. What a cutie. This actually makes me not dread having kids. Great photos!


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