On My Mind This Monday

My sister-in-love had an '80s themed birthday party over the weekend.

Another wonderful opportunity to rock a side pony and my Rainbow Brite t-shirt.

On the way there, we started discussing the fashion of recent decades.

The '80s had big hair, lots of bright colors, leg warmers, fishnet fingerless gloves (Madonna, anyone?).

The '90s had pleated pants, high-waisted "mom" jeans, flannel shirts, mauve lipstick, plaid mini-skirts with knee-high socks (Clueless, anyone?).

But what do the '00s have?  From a fashion sense, it was kind of a boring decade.

Current style for the '10s is easy to identify: skinny jeans, peplum, colored denim, maxi dresses/skirts, ankle booties.

But the only thing I really remember wearing 10 years ago (which was college for me... so old) is ... well... nothing noteworthy.

Maybe that's because I was totally oblivious to fashion.  Or maybe it's because dementia has set in early.

What the H-E-double-hockey-sticks did fashionable people wear in the early 2000s??  The world may never know.  Especially since it was before blogging really took off.



  1. That picture is priceless!!! Love the moustache! :-) I think I was pretty much wearing the same thing 10 years ago as I'm wearing now: lots of jeans, blazers, flats - only slightly updated and with the odd mad day when I decide to go completely against my own style and with generally disastrous consequences... Have a great week xo

  2. Oh man... plaid mini skirt and knee high sock, guilty! Clueless was one of my favorite movies haha.

    As for the 00's... I can't really think of many fashion trends from then either, but that may be because I was a poor college student and couldn't afford clothes at all. I was pretty oblivious then too. (:

    Happy Monday!

  3. The GAP & Abercrombie. DKNY and shit from Macys. DUH.

  4. I was in school for apparel design during that time, but all I ever wore were hoodies and jeans. Pretty much the standard college outfit. I can't even remember what was big then either besides UGG boots.

  5. Very low cut, hip hugger flared jeans; midriff bearing tops, tops with one shoulder strap, cargo pants and definitely Abercrombie. I miss the early 2000's!!

  6. I think the thing that really took off in the 2000's is sweatpants & pajamas for everyday attire. People used to get dressed up for going out & the 2000's made being lazily dressed okay!

  7. love it! I'm so horrible with fashion. I've got my skinny jeans and umm a tee shirt.

  8. This seriously got me thinking about my fashion choices in the last decade. 2000 started out with me being in college and there, I wore lots of cropped pants and slim fitting tops. 2003-2007 I was in law school and while I had a limited student budget, I didn't let that stop me from being fashionable (at least as I see it, hehe). this was the time I loved to scour vintage stuff, which I used to pair with trendy items. Trends which I remember wearing (whether in my clothes or accessories) were metallics (gold!!) and flower prints. Then last part of that decade, I entered my first job in a law firm. Didn't concentrate much on trends but just discovered my workwear uniform (pencil skirt, top, belt, accessories to the max). At this time, some memorable trends were the maxi skirt and maybe the bodycon dress? What I also remember are the color trends in the past years---turquoise, yellow, red, mint green, bright orange.

    Given all that, I guess I would have to agree with you that in terms of fashion, the 2000s didn't seem to have a single, defining look or trend, as compared to other decades :) But i still love it as this was the decade of my 20s, when I started out with law and ended up being a lawyer, and everything else in between.

    - Judy from Sunset Goddess Travels

  9. So all I can remember is stuff people wore in college - Nike tempo running shorts, Uggs and leggings. And really really really straight hair :)


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