Holiday Greetings

If you're reading this, I guess that means the Mayans were wrong.  Even still, this is most likely going to be my last post of 2012, folks.  Now don't go crying in your eggnog just yet!  I'll still be Instagramming like a mad woman.  But I also want to take some time to savor the last few days of the year with friends and family, know what I mean Jelly Beans?  I'm working on new goals for 2013 and have lots in store for the business, so I have a feeling things will go back to full-on crazy mode by January 2nd.  All the more reason to relax and recharge next week, don't ya think?

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year's.  For those of you celebrating Christmas this Tuesday, may this year's be the merriest and brightest of all.  And for those who celebrated Hannukah earlier this month, I hope those eight holy nights were full of love and light.

I also wanted to thank each and every one of you for all your support, comments, feedback, encouragement, and general all-around awesomeness and love over the last few years.  When I started this blog (almost 3 years ago!) I never imagined the community I would find in the blogging world.  Even though I've never met many of you in person, I still consider us to be friends and I value our daily interactions.  I truly appreciate that you take time out of your crazy-hectic lives to read posts, comment, interact on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, and tolerate all the wild Molly goodness around here.  It makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside. :)

I have lots planned to make this blog even better for us (me & you, Readers, we're a team!) in the coming year and I hope you'll all enjoy some of the new (and more consistent) content.  Until then, I leave you with a little holiday message from Molly the Elf.

Merry Christmas!!!



  1. Aw, I hope you and your family have a wonderful and magical Christmas and a very happy New Year. It's always such a pleasure to come to your blog and read your posts and I look forward to seeing more of it next year. Have a lovely rest. xo

  2. Oh, forgot! Merry Christmas Molly! She does the "sexy elf" look rather well ;-)

  3. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!!

    Molly the Elf is too cute!! I just want to squeeze her!!!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.
    Wishing you much happiness in 2013!!

  4. I wish you the happiest of holidays that are full of love.

  5. I hope you had a very merry Christmas + I'm excited to see what changes are coming to your blog :) xoxo! eliza

  6. I hope you ALL had a very Merry Christmas!

  7. that picture is too cute! hope you're having a great time this holiday season!

  8. I hope you have a fantastic time. I'll look forward to your posts next year!


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