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I bought Mindy Kaling's book on a whim when we were flying back from DC.  I walked into the bookstore looking for a Snickers and walked out with this lively little read.  Basically, I loved this book and I think you all need to read it right now.  Seriously.

"But, Stephanie," you say.  "I don't have time for another book."

Well, I started the book when we boarded in DC and finished it somewhere over Colorado.  That's right.  It took longer for me to fly across the country than to read this book.  It's a very minor investment of your time and it's totally worth it.  And by the end of it, you'll want Mindy to be your bff.  In fact - Mindy, if by some strange twist of fate you find yourself staying up late into the night reading random little blogs and you happen to stumble upon this post, let's grab some pizza and be besties.  Please?

Mindy's book is a memoir/essay collection a la Tina Fey's Bossypants.  Her life is basically the plot of a TV sitcom so it's no wonder she found such success as a writer for The Office.  But besides all the Hollywood talk, Mindy also offers up her thoughts on body image, what it means to be a be best friend, stereotypes of women in chick flicks, and many other sweet, funny, endearing, witty observations about life.  For example:

My version of an Irish exit has an air of deception to it, because it includes me asking loudly, "Where's the bathroom?" and making theatrical looking-around gestures like a lost foreign tourist.  But then, instead of finding the bathroom, I sneakily grab my coat and leave.  Other times I say, "Oh, I think I left my lights on in my car!" or "Oh my gosh, I think I left my car unlocked."  Cars make great pretexts for Irish exits.  People never doubt weird issues you have with your car because it's extremely boring to listen to.

You see what I mean?  Funny, witty, endearing.  She's so totes adorbs I want to read the book again.

And for those of you still shopping for gifts, this would be perfect for your sister, friend, co-worker, or pretty much any other female in your life.  I mean, I wouldn't be bummed if this appeared in my Christmas stocking.  Just sayin'...



  1. It sounds utterly charming and exactly the kind of read I could do with at the moment! Thanks for sharing xo

  2. I've heard good things about this one and am glad you enjoyed it!

  3. this is me, putting that book into my amazon cart.

  4. I asked my book club to read this book a couple of months ago. best decision ever

  5. This is one my Christmas list for sure!

  6. I loved this book! She is so funny. f you liked this I also recommend Bossypants by Tina Fey and Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson (the Bloggess)

  7. As soon as I finish my book club book this is my next one to read!! She is so awesome! =)


  8. I definitely want to read this. Have you seen her new show The Mindy Project? She's HI-LAR-IOUS.


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