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At first, I resisted the plaid fad.  I don't know how things are where you live, but plaid has become the uniform of San Francisco city dwellers under the age of 40 these days.  Not one to jump on bandwagons and such, I refrained from the trend.

But then City Target opened.  And in that City Target they sold the prettiest navy and hot pink plaid shirt I ever did see.  And it was on sale!  Hot pink and navy is a color combo I find very hard to resist so I caved.  I bought a plaid shirt.  And now ... I want more!  More plaid please!

Obvi I'm a plaid convert now.  I love plaid so much, you might even say I'm plaid-dicted.  And this perfect plaid-centric outfit makes want to cozy up in a mountainside cabin with a crackling fire and a good book.  And maybe a cup or two of hot cocoa...

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And for those who missed it on Instagram, here's a little bit of Molly cuteness to start your weekend off right.  She likes cuddling on the couch with papa.

Happy weekend!!!


  1. Molly knows how to live right! :-) Hmm, plaid shirts - I don't own a single one (yet), might have something to do with the fact that I live in London not in SF... Have a great weekend xo

  2. That picture on Instagram was totally the cutest

  3. Molly is the cutest thing ever!! Just want to cuddle with her!!! Have a great weekend!!

  4. Love this. Perfect outfit.

    and Molly is beyond adorable :)

    xo, Emily

  5. I love the J.Crew plaid! No one does plaid quite like them :) And that sweater is so so cozy looking. I think I need it! Oh, and Molly is the cutest!

    Nine to Five

  6. so cute love the look!!
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  7. Love this outfit! That Michael Kors watch is amazing! Happy Friday xoxo

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  9. I've always been on the plaid bandwagon. I love it! It will never go out of style for me... plus I feel like I could chop down a forest of trees while wearing it. It's very empowering. ;)

    I hope you get your hands on some more plaid this winter! I love that cozy sweater you chose for this outfit too.

    Oh... and Molly is so sweet! I just want to cuddle her.


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