Christmas Memories

Not gonna lie, I'm kinda over the gift guides and wish lists.  If you posted one today, please don't take that personally.  I don't mean it in a bah humbug way.  I just want to read more holiday posts about things other than buying stuff.  Partly because it makes me feel guilty for not finishing my shopping yet (oops) but mainly because I like when bloggers open up a little bit and give their readers more of a glimpse into who they are.  Even if 'who they are' is the grown-up version of a crazy-haired kid who ran around with no pants and too many electronics.

(Can we please talk about how we used to have two TVs stacked on top of each other?  What's that about??)

 And even if that grown-up still runs around with crazy hair, no pants, and too many electronics.  Wait, what?  Who said no pants?  I don't know what you're talking about...

Popples from Santa

I may be dating myself here but one year for Christmas I desperately wanted Santa to bring me a popple.  And that's 'desperately' in the 5-year old sense of the word which, if you've ever spent any time with a child, can be pretty freaking desperate.  One of my most vivid memories of Christmas was when I got a popple.  I woke up in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve because I needed to make a little tinkle.  As I was about to get out of bed, I heard some noise out in the next room.  The room where our Christmas tree was.  Obviously I thought it was Santa so I froze.  Part of me was tempted to sneak out and get a peak at the Big Guy but I was convinced that, if he caught me, I would instantly be added to the naughty list and I'd never get a popple.

I couldn't risk it so I forced myself to stay in bed until all was silent.  When I was certain that not a creature was stirring not even a mouse, I tiptoed out of bed and made a bee line for the bathroom.  A kid can only hold it for so long.  But on my way back to bed... I saw it.  There underneath our sweet little tree sat a white popple with bright yellow hair and a blue tummy.  I was so freaking excited I almost screamed.  Instead, I just stood there staring at it.  After a while, I chilled the eff out and went back to bed, comforted by the thought that I finally -finally- had a popple.

What else is in the box?

This memory is more of a bits-and-pieces memory, not quite as vivid as the popple but still pretty clear.  Plus, my mom has retold the story about 5 bajillion times so that helps jog the ol' brain a bit.  One year for Christmas, a sweet little box had my name on it.  That sweet little box had a sweet little pair of earrings inside.  After opening the box and announcing its contents, my mom asked if anything else was in the box.  Excitedly, I yanked out the padding and shouted, "COTTON!!!"  I was more excited about the cotton padding than I was about the earrings.  Such a confused little child.

Christmas Records

I love just about everything about Christmas but if there's one thing I'm picky about, it's my Christmas music.  I really love the old school classic Christmas music.  Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, with a little Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley thrown in for good measure.  That kind of Christmas music warms my little heart.  There are quite a few modern Christmas songs I like (A Very She & Him Christmas, anyone?) but I'm not really into the pop-y Christmas stuff.  I'll take Ella over Mariah any day.

Last week, while listening to Christmas music and editing, I finally realized the reason for this musical preference.  That type of music brings back warm fuzzy memories of being at my great-great-aunt's house.  (Yes, that's two greats - she was my great-grandmother's sister!)  She had this little beige/grey-colored portable record player and whenever we'd go visit during the holidays, she'd bring it out into the kitchen and play her old Christmas records - Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, all the old guys I like to listen to now.  Funny how little things like that stay with you even into adulthood.

The littlest things make the best memories.

And with that, I have one of my fave little holiday videos to brighten up your day.  PS - I think these guys were dippin' into the eggnog backstage...

What's one of your favorite Christmas memories?



  1. Thanks for enriching my life by letting me know what a Popple is! :-) You've written this so well that I was captivated by that story and really wondered what happened next. Love that photo and that super-cool Barbie bike! Hope you get your shopping all done soon, if all else fails (advice from my blog) have a mulled wine with a large shot of Amaretto - it helps ;-) xo

  2. ha...not sure I can explain the tv stacking...especially when you can' t! love the Barbie bike. Christmas memories are all happy. I have one of when I was about 6 and was so happy to get a Barbie with black hair (must have been a friend of Barbie!)and another,when I was about 8,my brother and I both got skateboards,so we went straight out on the streets in Portugal to learn...don' t think I saw much of my parents that Christmas!

  3. i love old school christmas music - it's the only kind i listen to, also. the pandora nat kind cole holiday station is where it's at. and COTTON, lol, that was great. ahhh children.

  4. Big tv was the stand for the tv on top - simple as that. The tv on bottom quit working. I remember that Christmas well (I was up nearly all night).

  5. Hahaha, this post is awesome. I love the tv as a tv stand. Your parents were nothing if not resourceful. And I had a pink popple - isn't it a little creepy now to think that they'd fold in on themselves? They would then become the best projectile for throwing in the world.

  6. oh my gosh!!! i LOVED popples...totally one of my favorites as a kid! i think i may have gotten one for christmas, too :) my most favorite Christmas memory was receiving my red 10 speed bicycle...oh, i was SO excited. i still have a couple scars from learning to ride it ;) love this post...i have to admit that i am over the gift guides, too...& i really hate to admit that mine was even a little forced today...so ready to move on. this is great, stephanie! merry, merry! XO brynn

  7. I am dying over your popple story. I remember having a yellow popple when I was little. Your cotton story reminds me of my brother when he was three years old. He got a pinwheel and a huge grin spread over his face and he screamed "I got it! I GOT IT!....What is it?" He was just so thrilled to get a gift he didn't care what it was. Love Christmas memories!

  8. what a sweet story.
    i loved reading it all - but i especially loved learning what popple is! I had never heard of that before this day so thanks for the introduction :)

    You have a lovely blog here - lovely writing, with lovely aesthetics and a lovely heart. keep up the amazing work!

    tiana of l'esthetique


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