No, I'm not talking about the feeling you *allegedly* get after a great work out.  And I'm not talking about that feeling you get after a fun little romp in the hay. (Rawr).  I'm talking about the camera app for your iPhone!

Now, before we proceed, there's something you should know about me.  I'm a little enamored with camera apps.  It's true, I confess.  I love playing and experimenting with them, constantly in search of the perfect cool, old school film look for my camera photos.  So far, the only one I've really loved is VSCO Cam.  I mean one of the big reasons I wanted an iPhone was so I could download VSCO Cam, that's how much I love this app.  For me, it's the closest one I've seen that replicates the look of real film.  And I love that you can make adjustments to saturation, exposure, temperature, grain, etc if you want to or you can just apply a pretty filter and be done with it.  The simplicity and ease of use is awesome.

But as much as I love VSCO Cam (and believe me, I do), I still wanted something more.  I wanted to have the option of a 'clean' film-y edit or a film-y edit with a little zhuzh.  A little pizzazz.  A little bit of bam.

Enter Afterglow.  Afterglow allows you to do straightforward, clean adjustments if you want (kinda like a mini photoshop on your phone) or you can add any one of numerous filters and try out various looks.  And you can adjust the amount of each filter by moving the slider left to right - pump it all the way up to 100 on the right or slide the bar left for a more subtle effect (maybe VSCO Cam will consider adding something like this soon...)  And in addition to the various filters, you can also add light leak effects and textures.

Another feature I'm loving are the different frames you can use.  I've been a bit partial to the circle lately but I'm just waiting for the perfect photo for the triangle frame.

And one more edited with Afterglow:

VSCO Cam is still my go-to but every now and then I like to play in Afterglow.  Sadly, I think Afterglow is only available for iPhone users (sorry droids!).  For those of you who get the chance, I hope you do try it out.  I think you'll have a lot of fun experimenting and giving new life to your photos.  And, no, this was not a sponsored post.  I just wanted to share something cool with you rad folks.



  1. I LOVE this! I always want to try new camera apps but never actually do it ... looks like this one will be the first!

  2. I don't have VSCO but have heard such wonderful things about it. I may just have to give it a try now...

  3. effing need to buy this ish. when i get home...since i left my phone on the bed. #fail

  4. i am OBSESSED with afterglow. I love love love the circle crop options and the fact that you can do all the editing you want! Such a great ap!

  5. Just downloaded it based on this stellar review! I'm also a big fan of Snapseed, though I probably overuse the grunge filter. Ooops. Excited to check out Afterglow, thanks for the recommendation!


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