Family Photography | Family Tea Party at Sunset

I thought I'd kick this whole blog merging thing off right by sharing a recent family session with you this lovely Saturday morning.  It is Saturday morning, after all - grab some hot cocoa ... or tea ... or coffee and enjoy a few sweet photos. :)

For this family session, we kept things a little low key at first, playing in the girls' room and just hanging out.  Then we headed to a nearby park for a little tea party and some bubbles as the golden sun set behind us.


She poured slowly, being very careful not to spill.  "Here's yours, Daddy."  She poured some for mom, then some for herself.  But none for Baby Sister.  "She's too little for juice!  Silly Sister."




  1. Oh my goodness, that's a perfect family right there. And your pictures are great - I can't decide which ones I like more - the indoor or outdoor ones

  2. So happy you decided to share your work, cause those pics are absolutely gorgeous. What a picture perfect little family, loving both the indoor and outdoor ones!

  3. these are so absolutely beautiful! I'm so glad you're merging the blogs because seeing these made my day.

    also, feel free to come to Atlanta anytime and take pictures of me and my family. seriously. PLEASE!


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