It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Last Sunday, after polishing off the remaining Thanksgiving leftovers, we got a Christmas tree and decked the halls.  Well, the living room at least.  We have a pretty small apartment so we had to really try hard not to overdo it.  We don't really have a "theme" or any fancy DIY projects.  Just some meaningful little bits and pieces that make the place feel all warm and fuzzy.

We have a totally random collection of tree ornaments.  Most of them are from The Boyfriend's childhood but we're slowly making it more 'us' by adding a new ornament each year.  And, of course, I had to get a little sparkle in there, too.  This year's addition is the Golden Gate Bridge.

The 2011 ornament - Mickey & Minnie

I thought a simple silver & gold wreath would look nice against our red front door.

Mercury glass, antlers, and three little stockings for The Boyfriend, Molly, and me.

Since I was in the midst of a move last year, I didn't decorate my apartment for the holidays.  So this is the first year Molly has seen a Christmas tree.  We didn't want a tree skirt because we were worried she'd try to chew it (she has a bad habit of chewing carpets...).  Little did I know it's the tree itself I need to worry about!  She turns her little nose up at apples but she munches away to her heart's content on pine needles??  I don't get it.

Have you started decorating yet?

PS - If you want to add another ornament to your tree, check this lovely ornament swap.  I signed up yesterday!  There's always room for more ornaments on the tree. :)



  1. Hello Molly! She looks very happy with the tree ;-) I like that you have random bits that simply mean something to you - that's what Christmas is about. I have ornaments that I've "inherited" from my parents and also new items that I've added over the years. Which ones actually make it in any year depends on my mood. I'll start decorating at the weekend (1st December) but my tree never goes up before Christmas eve - keeping it traditional. Lovely photos! xo

  2. Oh I love your Golden Gate Bridge ornament. We've got a pretty random collection too. Your little dear and squirrel figures are super cute... where did you get those?

    That's too funny that Molly likes to snack on your Christmas tree. Silly girl.

  3. You have a red front door? That is fantastic!

  4. Molly really steals the show in this post. And no I haven't decorated and I don't think I will. We don't have any decorations and I'm feeling RATHER cheap.

  5. haha we have basically the exact same post!!! I love decorating for Christmas! So much fun :)

  6. we are getting our tree this weekend and I cannot wait! all of our ornaments have meaning. everytime we go on a trip together we get an ornament there and write the day on the bottom. it is fun to reminisce about our travels each xmas.

    thats funny about molly! brussy likes to drink the water out of the tree bucket, thingy!

  7. everything looks so fantastic. I absolutely love that golden gate bridge.

  8. Your red front door has a special place in my heart. My childhood home, which my parents still live in, has a red front door and its one of my favorite things! Not to mention its absolutely perfect during this time of year :)


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